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There are a lot great male characters in books and movies, but there are some much better than others. There are some horrible male characters, but there are some we can't stop swooning over because they are sooooo swoon-worthy. Like, really. Here's a list of the best male characters that I swoon over every day...

5. FOUR, The Divergent Series.

He is cute, strong, badass and he is so handsome. He is by far the best character in The Divergent Series and he's maybe the main reason that I watch that series. He's cool.


They are cute and loyal and caring. Newt is so sweet and loveable.

Minho is such a heroic badass and he is sassy. Who wouldn't love him?

3. GALE, The Hunger Games Series.

Gale is strong, brave and fierce. He has a lot of anger (which is understandeable), but is very cute and sweet sometimes. He loves Katniss so much and protects her. And that makes him so swoony.

2. PEETA, The Hunger Games Series, and THOMAS, The Maze Runner Series.

Peeta is so cute and sweet and caring and loveable. He is the incest guy and really boyfriend material. He is so swoony the entire time and I seriously love him. Soon cute.

Thomas is also vert great. He is the greatest main character EVER! I just love him. He is kind, caring, strong, suspectful, protecting and selfless. He is sooooo swoony.

And number one is...

1. FINNICK ODAIR, The Hunger Games Series

There are a lot of great characters, but no one can be as great as Finnick Odair himself. He is first believed to be cocky and a threath to Katniss and Peeta. Then he becomes a funny and helpful ally and he begins to show himself. And in the beginning of Mockingjay he is so devastaded but sweet. And when he told his story, I literally cried, but swoony because he looked so handsome while he was talking. And then he can be truly himself, with his great humour and caringness. And when he sacrificed himself for Katniss in Mockingjay Part 2, he was so self-sacrificing. And I cried like I've never cried in any movies ever when he was ripped apart by the stupid mutts. He didn't deserve it. I saw the movie five times and I cried the entire movie after he died. Why? He was so swoony and handsome and...

I mean, look at him *sigh. I mean, THAT smile!

This is a list of my fav male characters (or characters in general, because this IS my favourite characters in order). Who's yours? Let me know in the comments!


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