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I am a self professed movie freak!!!!!I work at a movie theater and watch movies a lot.
Matthew Deery

I have thought about this for years not just about the original trilogy, prequels and now the sequel.Let us first answer the question why Star Wars doesn't get nominated for the top prize. For one thing it is way more escapist than any other nominated movie in Oscar history. It eminates from a Galaxy far far away. That is obvious from the first second the movies start .Also the fact that it has already happened. Another thing I have discovered by watching Academy Award winning films over the years is that whether Sci Fi comedy or drama if it happens directly to us on earth as humans well Oscar voters will vote for it.

Another thing that I will point out is the fact that some times not often but sometimes the Academy will Award a movie which had great fan appeal.Case in point Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King. Wins every award it was nominated for including Best Picture and Director. So the Academy does not always hate on fan favorites.

Now here is the reason why Star Wars should have not only been nominated but won Best Picture every time a new movie was released. First up in each of the times it has been released the Box Office receipts afterwards have been bumped up dramatically. Not to mention the fact that fans and critics have finally that this movie not only met but surpassed all expectations. Star Wars domestically became the biggest grossing movie of all time destroying Titanic in its wake. This movie also warrented repeat viewings after the first showing. This will also be a huge crash and burn for the Academy Awards the night of it's airing. Mostly because Star Wars has not been nominated for the top prize. If you want to score the biggest audience to watch your awards show you nominate the biggest movie you have in arsenal.

Now let's go on to why the only actor to be nominated for an Oscar in the Star Wars saga was Sir Alec Guiness.Over the years there have been plenty of great performances by incredibly gifted actors. Most notably Ian McDiarmid and Ewan MacGregor in Episode III Revenge Of The Sith. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega should have both been nominated for their performances.

Now I understand these are not the Mtv Movie Awards. This is the Academy Awards.The biggest awards show of all time is coming on February 28th. I don't understand why they don't award Star Wars anything bigger than the technical awards. I will be watching the awards that night and hopefully the ones that I want to win will win.This is my first time writing for do you all like this?


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