ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Valentine's Day is coming up, which means it's time to splurge a little on a gift for your lovely significant other.

Perhaps a bottle of delicious-smelling perfume? Have you ever wanted your lover to smell like a Blue Steel Mermaid? Then Derek Zoolander's first signature fragrance No. 2 is just the scent you need to spice up your life.

You can't get any more irresistible than No. 2.

More like "EAU YES!"
More like "EAU YES!"

Zoolander 2 film coming to theaters February 12th, just in time for Valentine's Day. Be sure to get that perfume, and your special boo will feel like a hot model strutting their stuff down the runway.

And your loved one will be really, really, really, ridiculously good-smelling.

Note: This is not a real product.


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