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KABLOOEY!! Harley Quinn is considered the most awesome batman character ever to me! I've idolized this psycho for ages! Here are 5 awesome Harley Quinn Tributes I found


Well we are starting off with an adorable picture of Harley with a fox! New 52 is honestly one of my favorites of the Harley Quinn versions!


Hey who said Harley wouldn't survive an apocalypse? Yep That's right, someone had the awesome idea to cosplay as the stylish Harley Quinn but with an apocalyptic twist!


Ha! I told you sidekicks can be sexy! This beautiful cosplayer Elegy Ellem took Harley's sexiness to the next level! I'm just loving the dress and tattoos!


KABLOOEY! The sexiest team all in Gotham drawn by SeniorGoldonSpork on Devinart! Gotham City Sirens! Doesn't this remind you of you and your bffs!?


The Nolanverse batman franchise was honestly my favorite but...I was hoping Harley Quinn would be in the movies! No need to worry cause Heatona on Devinart made Nolanverse Harley Quinn come to life with Brittany Murphy playing as Harley! R.I.P Brittany Murphy


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