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Just yesterday we reported that director of [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445), George Miller, said he wouldn't be returning to direct any future Mad Max sequels, you can check out the full article here. Now, after the director's Oscar nomination for Fury Road, he seems to be going back on his comments, he said the following to Entertainment Weekly:

"All I said was it won’t be the film I do next. I’d like to do something smaller, quick — before I go back to the wasteland."

So it seems as though Miller will most likely return to Mad Max after doing a smaller project, we already know a script has been completed for Mad Max: The Wasteland and it looks as though Tom Hardy is still on board to play the titular anti hero.

Miller was quite vocal about how grueling the shoot for Fury Road was and it's completely understandable why a director might not want to put himself through such an experience again. Mad Max: Fury Road gained a whopping ten Oscar nominations earlier today including Best Director and Best Picture which is extremely rare for a film like Mad Max, it's certainly not the type of film the Academy usually go for. Perhaps this has swayed Miller into returning for more Mad Max films, but that's not important, the important thing is, he will be doing the sequel at some point, let's just hope it's soon!

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