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The 1st Wave : Darkness
The 2nd Wave : Destruction
The 3rd Wave : Infection
The 4th Wave : Invasion

In 2013, Rick Yancey published one of the most suspiciously epic books I've ever had the pleasure of reading. The 5th Wave is an electrifying experience that grabs hold and won't let go. It's modern day atmosphere in the midst of an alien invasion is one that I think everyone will be picturing from now on. It's realistic and genuine plotline mixed with a spooky sci-fi experiment is one that keeps you guessing and gasping for air. This book is one that you literally cannot put down once you've dived in. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. So, it really is no wonder that fans are exploding over the upcoming film that's scheduled to hit theaters in just a few short weeks!

But what is it really that makes The 5th Wave stand out from any other teen directed project? What is it that fans are wanting to see taken from the exhilarating pages of Yancey's bestseller and transformed on to the big screen? Well, for one thing, we want to be intrigued. We want to witness the same reaction watching The 5th Wave as we did reading it. We want to fall in love with the characters all over again. But mostly, we want the film to stay true to its inspiration. Something that severs this twisty survival story from anything we've seen come alive on the big screen so far is the borrowed elements, the story within the story. Everything from innocent romance to sci-fi horror to paranoid adrenaline is engraved in this young adult novel, and that's something fans definitely want to see incorporated into the film.

Based off the several trailers released for the soon-to-be phenomenon, fans seem to have no complaints when it comes to how the movie is portrayed. While it looks like the first couple of Waves may have a different appearance in the film than readers may have pictured them in the book, the outcome is the same and the ambitions of the characters haven't changed. Our brave and intelligent heroine, Cassie Sullivan is still on the search for the only family she has left, her little brother Sammy, while struggling to stay alive under impossible and hopeless circumstances. In addition to the end of the world situation, readers and viewers alike should be pleased with the secondary love story and the values of life and family, for which seem to be the only things on Cassie's mind. Prepare yourself for heart racing questions and realizations, unless of course you've read the book, in which case prepare for some exhilarating twists and turns as your favorite characters come alive on screen.

As for the chosen cast, Cassie also looks to be just as hardcore as we all pictured her, expect without the Barbie doll hair. Chloe Grace Mortez may have only a couple movies in her back pocket to show for her up rise to stardom (one of which being her 2014 breakthrough, If I Stay) but that's not stopping her from delivering her best performance yet as one of the only survivors of the 4th Wave. Nick Robinson (who's only known for his performance in last year's hit, Jurassic World) has also stepped up to play the jock-gone-Zombie character of Ben Parish. As for the dreamy and suspicious third part in this not-so-typical love triangle, Evan Walker is being played by Alex Roe. Other actors in the upcoming feature are Liev Schreiber, Maika Monroe, Ron Livingston, Zachary Arthur, and Maggie Stiff.

It seems fans are sitting on pins and needles waiting for this action packed adventure that's filled with big heroics and even bigger surprises to unfold. With amazing visuals as the 2nd Wave effects the scenario combined with plenty fight scenes, a well rounded romance and enormous explosions, boys and girls of all ages should be easily drawn to this movie. The 5th Wave will be in theaters everywhere this year on January 22, and just like the millions of others, I'm expecting nothing short of excellence.


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