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Oh, the horror! 2016 looks to be a festive time for horror movies and scare-pictures of all types and varieties. One film in particular will be part of that slate and will fuel what is sure to be an exciting year in horror. The Boy is an upcoming horror-thriller that hails from STX entertainment, a studio that is surely but steadily making a name for itself when it comes to new films and features.The film is being directed by William Brent Bell, the man behind features such as The Devil inside. The film will feature The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan as the title character who is convinced that the toy doll she is babysitting is actually alive.

Here's the plot synopsis:

"The Boy" is a frightening thrill ride directed by William Brent Bell ("The Devil Inside") starring Lauren Cohan (“The Walking Dead”). Greta is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village, only to discover that the family’s 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. After violating a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring Greta’s worst nightmare to life, leading her to believe that the doll is actually alive.

This film is one of the more interesting pieces since it shares similarities with previous movies that have a similar concept. A woman being hired to babysit a doll sounds like one of the most odd and bizarre plots created, but is actually a bit basic. Over the course of the film she becomes convinced that the doll is alive and is out for blood after she fails to adhere to a strict laundry-list of instructions on how to care for the wooden menace. The plot could go in any number of directions such as the boy never actually died and that she was being deceived by the parents. There's also the possibility that the entire horrifying experience was nothing more than a hallucination or a bad dream, a bit of a cop-out. Finally, there is a good chance you don't need to over-think it and the movie is merely playing it straight, but that's unlikely. There's no telling exactly what surprises might be hiding in this movie, but they'll be revealed soon enough.

The Boy has alot to prove in terms of frightening the audience and providing viewers with an interesting story. "The possessed doll" angle is interesting, but how will this movie differentiate itself ? Is this film even going to honestly try to stand-out from similarly constructed movies? Bell seems like an interesting filmmaker so he might surprise audiences. The way for a film like this to be successful is for it to have a genuinely scary atmosphere and a story that keeps people engaged in what's happening. Since this is a low-budget picture, there is a good chance that it will make its money back and have a significant return for the studio. Then again, fans might go because a Walking Dead cast member is in it, and lately fans of the zombie-drama been making the case for actors who come off that show to move on to bigger and better things. Hopefully this film is anything but wooden.


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