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Even if you haven't seen his films, you've heard the jokes, you know how the world basically feels about him. We ridicule him for his recent movies, and praise him for the one we can all agree was his best. I'm of course talking about the most talked about man in Hollywood: M. Night Shyamalan.

After an incredible movie with an incredible twist, Shyamalan was on top of the world. But as quickly as he had ascended, he had fallen even faster. After Earth, The Happening, The Last Airbender; it truly felt like Shyamalan would never be able to recapture what made us fall in love with his first film, The Sixth Sense. That is, until The Visit came out.

When news came that M. Night Shyamalan was making a horror film, moviegoers everywhere understandably winced.

It's true that the director hasn't been doing his best these past couple of years, and The Visit just seemed like another box-office disappointment. But I can assure you, after seeing this movie three times now, it's worth your time! M. Night has returned to form in this incredibly shocking and surprising horror-thriller!

I'm not even a huge fan of horror, and yet this movie fascinates me. Don't believe me? I can understand that. After all, we've all been burned before by a Shyamalan movie. But I've come up with 3 good reasons for why The Visit should definitely be on your watch list! Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll be willing to give M. Night Shyamalan another chance.

1. The Characters

A movie is only as interesting as its characters. The characters in The Visit are interesting, witty, and most of all, they feel real. They don't feel cliched or cartoonish, they have real humanistic qualities to them.

The story goes that two kids, who've never met their grandparents before, decide to record everything when they go to visit them. That might sound like a typical found footage trope, and it might sound unrealistic that two kids would go and record every part of their day, but the movie does a great job of making it feel real.

The found footage is done expertly, and in this day and age, where everyone and their pet has a smart phone, it isn't hard to believe that these kids would record every part of their visit. They feel like real characters, real children, rather than just two movie cliches.

Even the grandparents, who at times are straight up lunatics, don't feel like cardboard cutouts of real people, which just makes them and their actions even scarier! Speaking of which...

2. It Makes The Least Scariest Thing Incredibly Frightening!

Let's be honest, when we heard the premise for The Visit, we all let out a collective groan. Grandparents? Seriously? Of all the things you could have in your film as the scary "monsters" grandparents seems like the least scariest decision. Besides ponies and puppies.

But as it turns out, grandparents are pretty freaking scary! At least these ones are. Don't be fooled by the PG-13 rating of this film, the grandparents deliver some serious scares that would make even the toughest of horror fans jump a little.

You might start The Visit thinking it's going to be nothing but an ironically comedic film that attempts to scare you and fails, but while the characters do share some witty banter, be prepared to feel some genuine suspense from the scary subject you'd least expect!

3. The Shyamalan Twist!

M. Night Shyamalan is known for his use of plot twists. Some twists are good, like THAT twist in The Sixth Sense. Others aren't so good, like...THAT twist in The Happening...

With The Visit being a Shyamalan film, it naturally has a Shyamalan twist in it, and honestly it's pretty good. Now it's not really on the level of The Sixth Sense, but it's miles ahead of The Happening or The Last Airbender's twist (the twist is that it wasn't good).

It's hard to talk about the twist without giving it away, but since the twist is pretty important to the movie, I won't do it. All I'll say is that you'll find yourself genuinely surprised at the end.

All in all, The Visit is a GREAT film. I know that Shyamalan's recent slate of films haven't been entertaining to most, but The Visit is a tremendously epic return to greatness for the director!

Full of scares, surprises, and a few laughs here and there, you'll find yourself more than entertained with this movie! Get The Visit on DVD/Blu-Ray now!

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