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Kevin Conroy. Mark Hamill. Clancy Brown. Everyone knows these men for their voice acting roles, almost more so than their live action parts. But today, I want to tell you about five actors that you probably had little to no idea did voice work!

J.K. Simmons - The Yellow M & M

Yes, that's right. Everyone knows J.K. Simmons as the best incarnation of J. Jonah Jameson ever, but you probably had no clue that he voices (or at least has in the past) the Yellow M&M in all their commercials! Although, knowing this little tidbit certainly explains some of Yellow's behavior...

Alec Baldwin - Makunga ('Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa')

Yes, we all know that Alec Baldwin was the greatest narrator Thomas the Tank Engine ever had, and the man absolutely crushed it as Mr. Conductor in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but you more than likely had no clue that he was also the voice behind the villain in the second Madagascar film! Makunga's sadistic and violent nature couldn't be more out of touch with the sweet and genteel nature of Mr. Conductor, but Alec Baldwin makes it look easy.

William Shatner - Jason the Argonaut ('Hercules The Animated Series')

If anyone remembers this show, it might surprise you to discover that Jason the Argonaut was portrayed by none other than the original seeker of adventure: Captain Kirk! Shatner's Jason sadly appears in only one episode, Hercules and the Argonauts, but his characterization is stupendous and is greatly enriched by all the clever Star Trek references.

Leonard Nimoy - Sentinel Prime ('Transformers') and King Kashekim Nedakh ('Atlantis: The Lost Empire')

Remember that old Disney movie about the submarine and Atlantis and the magic glowing rock thingy? Now remember the king in that movie? He had a booming, commanding voice. And that booming, commanding voice belonged to the world's favorite Vulcan. Leonard Nimoy voiced not only the Atlantean monarch whose name I will never even pretend to attempt pronouncing, but, more recently, you may have recognized his golden pipes in Transformers: Dark of the Moon in the role of Sentinel Prime.

Chris Evans - Casey Jones ('TMNT' 2007 edition)

Most of us, (Chris Evans probably included), try hard to forget about 2007's incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Chris Evans lent his talent to the role of Casey Jones, better known as "the whackbag in the hockey mask". Come on, Chris. Just once, I wanna hear Captain America shout "Goongola!" before pounding a criminal. Please? Just this once? For me? No? Ok. Well, I tried.


Did any of these voice roles surprise you?


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