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Former Power Rangers actor Ricardo Medina Jr. has been charged with murder after stabbing his roommate, Josh Sutter, with a sword 11 months ago. While precise details of the incident are still unclear, it is known that Medina was taken into custody only to be later released because prosecutors decided not to press charges against him. Medina stated at the time:

"Iā€™m very, very, very sorry for what occurred."
Medina in 2015
Medina in 2015

Medina first appeared in Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002 and appeared in all of the 40 episodes over its one year run. Medina continued to reprise his role as Deker long after the series ended in various Power Rangers video games and TV series.

Medina in Power Rangers Wild Force, 2002.
Medina in Power Rangers Wild Force, 2002.

Medina has now been charged with murder and if convicted faces life in prison.

I guess it's no longer morphing time.


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