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This week brought us a new influx of posters both good and terrible, mostly terrible.

Triple 9 Character Posters

Starting off, is the character posters for John Hillcoats Triple 9, set for wide release in late February. Staying mostly the same throughout the entirety of the set the poster advertises some of the big names in the film such as Norman Reedus, Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet as well as other well known stars.

Jesse, Daryl and Rose.
Jesse, Daryl and Rose.

A rather average set of posters and while it gives a taste of the theme of the film with the harsh reds and blacks, the over editing on the faces make everyone look rather morphed. Norman Reedus looks like a potato trying hard to see something in the distance, making the posters seem rather silly.

Gods of Egypt Main Poster

Holy mother of CGI overload. This is a textbook definition of a mess. There is so much happening in such a tight space. I don't know whether to look at Gerard Butler's unimpressed face, the random monsters in the back or the random eye staring me down. What a terrible poster, I imagine the film will be just like this poster. Madness.

MORE Deadpool Posters

Boy they are just releasing more and more of these things huh ? This newest sum of posters and banners plays on the films release date ( February 14 ) and it coinciding with Valentines Day. These posters are rather humorous though i am not sure why we need even more posters for this film. Hats off to marketing for their persistence.

The 2016 Oscars

While mostly unnecessary, The 2016 Academy Awards poster is rather impressive. The minimalist design gets the point across nicely and also advertises the host, Chris Rock and the theme for the year - that we all dream in gold ( even though I have dreamed in bronze and silver once or twice). The poster below is the main poster, a sum of other posters with the same design and logo were released but with various Oscar winners substituting Rock also.

In Review

A rather average week for posters, the weeks worst was both the mess that is Gods of Egypt and Mr Potato Head Norman Reedus in his Triple 9 character poster. The week's best is Deadpool with a rather humorous poster though certainly not its best poster. Hopefully next week is better.


What do you think this weeks WORST poster was ?

Let me know in the comments if I have missed a great poster in the previous week !


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