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Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG) was one of the best Marvel movies so far. It was funny and action packed. Many left the theaters with a smile on their face. Some even say this movie is the Star Wars of this generation. The sequel, [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2](tag:1081113) is scheduled to land in theaters on May 2017 and director James Gunn promises that the movie will answer the one question that we all had, "Who is Peter Quill/ Star Lord's father?" Kurt Russell is still in talks to take the role of Star Lord's father. Who will he be in the movie? Lets take a look!

Spoiler warning if you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy.

This was an actual picture posted by James Gunn on his Twitter account.
This was an actual picture posted by James Gunn on his Twitter account.

Lets take a look at the list. The only name that caught my intention was J'son of Spartax. In the comics, he is Star Lord's father but James Gunn made a statement that the movie version will not be the same as the comics. But, he is a super A-hole, maybe he is going to be the father since Yondu said that he is " a Jackass". We will discuss Yondu's line later. Martinex have to come from the future if he is Star Lord's father. Maybe he used the time gem and the movie will explore about that. Future Tony? Time Gem. Marvel doesn't have the rights to Galactus. The other names doesn't really matter because most of them was probably just for fun. Lets take a look how the first movie depicted Peter Quill's father.


Peter's mother described the father as follows

"He was an angel, composed out of pure light."

She also said that kid Peter looks just like his father. Plus the father was supposed to be a good guy because Peter's action by picking a fight with the other kids that killed a frog showed how he is a person with much love and compassion.

Yondu said that he was supposed to take Peter to his father but instead he took him and made him one of his Ravager crew (space pirate). He also said this by the end of the movie

"I may be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell I ain't one."

This quote seems like nothing at first but if you look at the first point, Peter's mother used the exact same word as Yondu. They used the word 'Angel'.Also, Yondu said this while asking the orb from Star Lord "Hand it over, Son". Saying that doesn't make him the father, that just showed how Yondu is the father figure to Star Lord. To contradict the idea of Yondu being Peter's father, is that he said it himself that Peter's father was

" a Jackass"

when he was leaving Xandar. If we have to refer to my previous point, Yondu definitely doesn't qualify as "composed out of pure light", a good guy and a loving person. I wouldn't take him out of the equation yet. He may still be Star Lord's father. Who knows!

image from Guardians of the Galaxy
image from Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Lord's father was also describe as an "ancient being" by Nova Prime. He is definitely alien but a race so ancient that probably there is just a few of them left in the universe. That opens a lot possibility. Who could it be?

Last but not least, Peter's mother called him "Little Star-Lord" from the letter that she gave to him. I speculate that Peter's father is the O.G Star Lord in the universe. In the movie, the name Star Lord was described as "Legendary Outlaw". That means there was a person who was called Star Lord and he must be Peter's father. Peter used that name, maybe ,because his mother used to call him that or its just a story that everyone tell in the galaxy and took the legend to his own.

image from Guardians of the Galaxy
image from Guardians of the Galaxy


I want to speculate who might be Star Lord's father. If I were to give any name, I think that would be impossible. There are thousands of name who might just be Star Lord's father. There will be some names but lets keep it general. Here is my General list of who might be Star Lord's father.

  • A person who is completely new in the MCU who we never met or teased before such as a Super Skrull or the writer's original character.
  • A person who is new in the MCU but was teased from other movies, such as Adam Warlock, any Asgardians, one of the Kree or even one of the Eternals or the Celestials .
  • There is also some names. You've heard Yondu and Adam Warlock. Mar-Vell Captain Marvel is one of my candidates. He can directly relate GOTG with the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. We could see him passing the torch to Carol Denvers in the Captain Marvel movie. He is a Kree by the way. The Collector is another name I can say. He really seems to have a 'Star-Lord' vibe from him. There's also names like Thanos (highly unlikely, but he is an Eternal) and Odin or maybe Loki(Asgardian). The Beyonder can also be one of the many possibilities.
Mar-Vell Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Thanos and The Collector
Mar-Vell Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, Thanos and The Collector

In conclusion, the identity of Star Lord's father is still a mystery. We can speculate but now only a handful people know the answer and I bet they will not be willing to tell us anytime soon. I hope Kurt Russel agrees to be Star Lord's father in the movie as that would be super awesome! What do you guys think? Leave a comment down below. Follow MoviePilot for more articles like this. Find me on twitter and on instagram. Thank You!


Who do you think will be Star Lord/ Peter Quill's father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2?


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