ByKendra Zee Hale, writer at

So with season 5, AHS Hotel, almost at an amazing close, we get a small tidbit to look forward to in the coming season 6.

One thing this series is known for is the characters brought to life in each season by the actors and actresses. They do this so well and in each season you see the level of passion the players have in the series itself.

They do such a great job at this that you want them to appear time and time again. I know I have had my favorites. But in a conversation it was recently let slip that someone has not only confirmed they are coming back but in a shocking way!

Ryan Murphy confessed as much during the red carpet before the Golden Globes. “Well, tonight I started to tell all the actors who they were gonna play for next season because I had too much to drink,” said Murphy. “So I told Angela Bassett, and she was like, ‘WHAT!?!?’ So, I’m gonna regret it tomorrow; I think I said too much too soon!”

So the we have it...while some of the actors have said they may tentatively do it but never solidified whether they are coming back or not. We do know that the wonderful lady who gave us a Voodoo Priestess to not be trifled with in AHS Coven, quite the lady star in AHS Freakshow, and in this season a Foxy Brown stellar star who has a vendetta on her mind, is coming back and I know I cannot wait!!

Tell me who is the actor or actress you are excited to see come back for season 6? What are your theories on what is to come?


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