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This movie had a great start. It was intense and it was interesting enough for me to be excited. It had two spiderman references which is an attempt to make people to know spiderman belongs to Sony. It had great visual and some cool looking scenes but then it starts to fall apart with problems like inconsistency and just pure dumbness. First it was Independence Day with even the same shot borrowed from the 1996 movie. Then by the second act, this movie started to be this romantic movie where the girl started to fall in love with a hot stranger and had a journey together. It Twilight all over again. You see Alien ship hovering above and you still go to school to learn Math? Go home movie, you're drunk.

courtesy of Sony Pictures
courtesy of Sony Pictures

The acting was just fine but that one kid actor was just bad. He needs more time to learn. Then there was this random characters popping in some shot just to turn out to be somewhat in the movie. Chloe Grace Moretz was finw but I think she can do better. Her character was , at time a bit wooden. The 5th Wave was supposed to be something grand but it turns out that it was the lamest 'wave' The first three wave were so much cooler. Plus, the main actor wasn't even in action during the 5th wave. She was stuck in love, twilight style! Seriously, if the movie stuck at the training and camp stuff, it would have been better. At least make the journey for Cassie(Chloe's character) more scary and intense. The movie stopped everytime you see the main character and that is nor a good sign. Whatever character bonding stuff they did was not working and it didn't really help the story.

In conclusion, this is an alien invasion/survival movie but turns out, it is a love story. The writer tried so hard to make this an intense survival movie but in the end its all about love. The whole movie doesn't make sense and the lot was just terrible and the story was just outright dumb so I gave this movie a 'D' or 3/10!

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