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Caution: walker herd sized spoilage for TWD ahead!

For the comics, and most likely for the show.

And maybe even just for Valentine's Day episode!

AMC, as you should know by now, just came out with some majorly awesome pics for the rest of Season 6. The themes seem to be pretty obvious: the world is going to seem much bigger, road trips for this world are happening, and HANDS. LOTS OF STUFF N THINGS ABOUT HANDS.


You know this scene from the mid-season finale:

Jessie takes Carl's hand as they walk out into the zombie herd. If you read the comics, or have the internet, then you may know that thanks to Sam doing this:

He gets dragged kicking and screaming into the herd, being devoured. His mom takes his hand and won't let go of it or Carl's, from this pic:

Which means Rick has to chop off her hand with his axe to save his son, sacrificing Jessie and Sam. And probably pissing Ron off even more. Maybe enough to shoot Carl!

But check these promo images out, for the rest of the season.

Let's go over them one by one, if only to make this article longer, more kick-asser, and allow me to yap about TWD more.

Carol's Cross

Hey, look! Carol's hand. It's Carol's jacket, anyway, so it's most likely her hand. Would you try to take Carol's jacket? Um, no. And she's holding a cross? Why on earth would she be doing that? One of two reasons. She either got religious, or got sick of Father Gabriel. Either way, something happens with Carol and her badassery, and something big. Or, it could me Jesus is coming. No, not Him. Just him; Paul Monroe (no relation to Deanna).

Alexandria Burns

So there's no hand here, but that big ole pillar of smoke looks like it could be Alexandria, since in the comics:

And Rick & Co. could have gotten up there by means of this:

Dale would be so proud!

But back to the hands.

Holy freakin crazy congresswoman, Batman! It''s...

Necklace? Shirt? Ring? Deanna! Well, Dead Deanna, reanimated and looking for some fresh meat. Maybe the Carl-losing-his-eye thing might have something to do with Deanna after all, if he does lose it.

Zombie prisoners?

I have no clue what to think about this one, except for someone might be using walkers and security or protection. Or maybe they just wanted to throw another hand pic in the mix?

A big, big world, Morgan on a horse, and Rick selfie

These last three aren't hand-related, but they're still cool, nonetheless

Not totally sure about this one, either. Maybe it's part of Hilltop, and they get really good cable? Or they can communicate with others? Or an oversized birdbath, maybe? It might just symbolize that the world is a whole lot bigger than it's felt like, with our group living in farms, prisons, and small suburbs.

The only reason for this (besides a hill and to show off Morgan's stick) is probably to let us know that yet another animal is gonna DIE.

Because, Rick Grimes, b! Nice to see him without the bandages:

Even though the scars don't quite match that pic, who cares. Rick looks as Rick as ever!

It's going to be the best Valentine's Day ever!


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