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Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has the entire community talking about theories left and right but there are some out there that seem to be a little far fetched and I do have some proof to debunk some of these theories because even though I've seen the film, there may be some things that I might look over, so if there is please leave a comment below. I'll start with the theories that I think are far fetched first. I guess I should put Spoilers on here but honestly if you haven't seen it, you must live under a rock.

Theory 1: Poe or Finn having the hots for each other... or Luke and Han.

Okay first let me just say, even if there was a "romance" between them, I wouldn't of cared it wouldn't ruined the movie but the first proof to debunk this theory is that John Boyega the actor of Finn debunked the romance between the two fictional characters. And to be honest, I don't see where people got the idea of the romance between Poe and Finn, I've seen the movie a couple times and still I didn't see any romance building between them, a friendship yea but nothing really developing between them. And also I really don't think there needs to be romance forced into this film. And here is where it starts to get ridiculous, Luke and Han having the hots for each other, I don't think so because they were writing as straight characters. Proof is that they both had the hots for Leia until Luke found out that she was his sister, also Han and Leia had a child named Ben, You know the guy with the awesome red lightsaber and has huge anger issues (Honestly too whoever came up with this theory "You're a MORON").

Theory 2: Snoke is not Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker)

Now I'm one-hundred percent sure that Snoke isn't Vader for lots of reasons. So reason number one, Vader redeemed himself at the end of Return of Jedi by saving Luke and killed Sidious so why would he screw all that up. Reason number two after redeeming himself, Vader caught a bad case of death and after escaping the exploding death star, Luke burned Vader's body and plus we see his freaking ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Theory 3: Rey isn't a Solo or a Kenobi

I've debated about if I should put this on here because it's quite obvious that she isn't a Solo because wouldn't Han or Leia recognize their own child?! Now one counter argument would be "What if Han had a different wife before Leia". But I have counter to that counter "How come she had a huge connection to Luke's lightsaber and had a huge vision when she touched it" (Don't get any Ideas Internet). But also there's no way that she can be a Kenobi because he kept to the ways of the Jedi which means they never get married or have kids. Plus the time period is off with how old Kenobi would of been to have Rey with how old Rey is in the Force Awakens. And I do have a theory to who Rey belongs to which should seriously be easy to figure out.

Now time to get to the theories that I think could be possible and might happen in later movies but then again mine could get far fetched so with that said if you want to debunk my theories in the comments below, Okay thats fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. (Yea I know I called a person a moron for the romance theory but c'mon it's Han and Luke pretty sure their straight).

My Theory 1: Snoke might be Darth Plagueis

Now I think this would be an interesting twist to the story because it could tie in with prequels adding more lore to the Star Wars universe since he was mentioned in Revenge of the Sith. So for those who don't know who Darth Plagueis is, he is the Sith who trained Darth Sidious and who was eventually slain by Sidious (Now at this point your probably thinking "If Sidious killed him, how can he be alive") Well he could of faked his death by using the force to keep himself immortal because he could use the force to create life so he could of lied to Sidious in case he would try to kill him and when he did, he kept himself alive after his battle with Sidious, which can also explain why he looks so f***ed up. (You're probably thinking "That sounds like bad fan fiction" Oh trust me there's fan fiction that gets really creepy). So my proof is that towards the end of the movie Snoke says that "It's time to complete Kylo Rens training" and he made it a top priority to hunt down Luke Skywalker before he can foil his plans. Also he talks to Kylo Ren about there being an awakening in the force, so he has to have a connection to force.

My Theory 2: Rey Is a Skywalker

Honestly I feel like it's obvious and that's what is going to happen in episode 8 because I remember reading somewhere that the focus of this trilogy is centered around the Skywalker family line which could be explained in the next movie and again going back to having Luke's lightsaber calling out to Rey and giving her visions of the past.

My Theory 3: What's the next plan for the First Order for Episode 8???

So I'll say it the one thing I didn't like in the movie is that they use the Death Star weapon again...Just because you rename it Star Killer doesn't make it brand new, honestly Han explains it best "So it's bigger". The Star Killer base is really kind of pointless when you think about because it drains the sun and destroys five planets and that't about it because it doesn't move like the death star so it's really kind of pointless super weapon. So after the First Order losing their super weapon, what's next??? Well for the First Order to actually be considered a threat to the galaxy their going to need something huge (No not another death star or star killer weapon). i I was thinking that they are going to bring the clones to fill the ranks to the point where the rebels are going to be struggling to keep up with their numbers and small proof that it might happen is that in the movie Kylo Ren suggested that they should of went back to making clones for their armies (Which is a nice nod to the prequels) or they could clone an army of dark jedi.

So what theories do you have, leave a comment down below.


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