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It all started in 2008: the release of the first Hunger Games novel, written by Suzanne Collins. It's nearly impossible to find someone who hasn't at least seen one movie. When the book first was published, it was very popular, of course. But when the decision was made to turn the incredible book series into a movie franchise, nearly everyone became obsessed.

Personally, I hadn't heard of the books until the first film was under production. Once I opened The Hunger Games, and read the first chapter; I was hooked. The first novel flew by in two days. Then, the wait and anticipation to borrow the second and third from the library was too much to handle! By the time the first movie came out in 2012, I had read each book more than two times. I was fascinated with the story; the heroic Katniss Everdeen, and the sweet but brave Peeta Mellark! (No lies, I was 100 percent sure I wanted to marry Peeta).

2012: the first movie is a huge hit at the box-offices. From then until the release of Catching Fire, I think we all went a little insane... I know I did. The first movie was everything I wanted it to be and more! (With the exception of a few missing scenes from the book, but that's to be expected). It seemed like an eternity until the second movie of the series was released! Oh, but when it was, magic was born again. It was entrancing, seeing your favorite book series come to life. Your characters that you dreamt of, loved, cried over, and rooted for were alive! You had a face and body for good old Peeta, Gale, Katniss, Haymitch, and Effie! From the costumes to the acting, I couldn't have asked for more.

Then these sneaky Hollywood producers said, "Hey! Let's make the third book into two movies, and draw out the pain and agony of waiting to see the end!" But hey, it was spectacular! Everything about the movies to me, was absolutely perfect. I waited and waited for Mockinjay: Part Two to hit theaters; ready with my mockingjay pins, lanyards, and t-shirt. I cried and cried before, during, and after.

About a week after I saw the last movie it hit me: what do I do now? I had spent endless hours reading and rereading the books, watching and re-watching the movies, and going over every character analysis I could think of! All that time, all those hours, and's all over? Of course, it's not really over. It will live in our hearts and souls for the rest of our lives (mine for sure). Here are a few tips to ease the pain:

  • Remember all that Katniss suffered through and endured, all she did for her family. Take in that bravery, that never-ceasing dedication to those she loved.
  • Never forget Peeta, and how he loved with all his heart. From throwing bread to a starving girl to saving her life in District 13; Peeta will always remind us to be loving and compassionate.
  • Of course there's Gale, (yum) who, although he ended the series colder than he began, reminded us that it's important to not let emotions take over everything we do. I'm not saying you should go blow up capitol children, but hey, don't cry over spilled milk.
  • Effie taught us how to be unique! She showed it's okay to dress to impress, and not to let anyone's judgement stop you from expressing yourself.
  • Good ole' Haymitch was rough around the edges, but he'd seen some things in his lifetime. Even with his drinking problem, he never let his tributes down. Except for like once...Sorry Peeta.
  • And Ohhhh, Finnick. He seems like the bad, flirtatious boy but really he's a loyal and great companion to have. Don't assume someone is a certain way based on rumors or appearances.

So to sum up, don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. Or something like that... Also, find a new obsession. That helps too.

Want a sugarcube?
Want a sugarcube?

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