ByJonah Olson, writer at

There are rumors about the CW pulling their shows off Netflix, mainly targeting the superhero shows. The CW has their own channel where they launch new episodes of their shows. Netflix is where you can catch up on older shows that have already been aired. The CW makes their money/profits by the amount of views it gets while airing. Of course they also get paid by the advertisements. The superhero shows are supposed to teach us the value of right and wrong. When a superhero helps the little guy, that's a good thing. When the bad guy wants to take over and destroy their lives, that's a no-no. I once knew of a company called Blockbuster Video. They would let me rent a video for few days or a week at a time. And they would charge me per video. Then a hero comes along named Netflix where I can enjoy unlimited viewing no commercial interruptions for only $7.99 a month. Then Hulu appeared....WTF? You pay for a service then they have ads and now you have to pay extra to get rid of ads? They say the ad is how they make their money. If they are making money, why should we pay extra or any at all? It's GREED! Greed is the big No-No. And now the CW want's to pull their shows off Netflix and start their own streaming program for only a few bucks a month. So what, I'm supposed to pay an extra $2-$3 for the CW streaming on top of my $7.99 deal with Netflix making me pay $10.99 for both service? NO WAY! Their not getting my support. I love Netflix, I will not leave them, and I sure as heck won't pay for another streaming service.


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