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Ricky Braly

5. The film score

John Williams has brought us some of the best films scores in history with the likes of scores that are in movies such as harry potter raiders of the lost ark and superman is it any wonder that when he was brought on for the prequel trilogy that it would be anything less than amazing with the score duel of fates being one of the best parts of the prequel trilogy

4. Lightsaber duels

Come on guys were these anything less than epic. Not only were they fast paced and looked amazing they also showed us the power of both Jedi and Sith.

3. Order 66

Ah order 66. In revenge of the Sith we are finally told what happens to the Jedi and why they were not in the original trilogy. in the movie we saw the clone army mercilessly turn on their Jedi generals and kill them. and it was also fleshed out even more in the star wars clone wars showing that they were more than just generals to the clones but friends and mentors. making it that much harder to watch

2. the clones

Seeing them at the end of episode II with the imperial march in the background is one of the most memorable parts of the prequel trilogy and seeing them fight in episode III was simply amazing

1. obi wan kenobi

Seeing obi wan grow from padawan to master Jedi over the three movies is quite amazing. he really is in my opinion is the best part of the prequels with amazing acting by Ewan McGregor and just seeing him grow as a character was simply an amazing part of the prequels.

so their you have it those are 5 things i think make the prequels not as bad as their made out to be. tell me in the comments what your favorite part of the prequels was


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