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Well here is my 2 cents.....1st of all I don't know the deep storylines of all the different STAR WARS spinoffs but, at one time I did think that Rey was Luke's daughter & I'm thinking that's too easy so ......I'm trying to think as a movie writer.... we make it obvious that she is Luke's daughter & Kylo Ren is Hans Solo son .....STOP

In one of the spin off Luke had a son named after Obi wan ( Ben) Kenobi & what's Kylo Ren?....*Right (Ben) !....EVEN THOUGH LEIA & HAN refered him as their son....he could be their adopted son from Luke or Obi Wan Ben Kenobi? Rey is a Skywalker ? Maybe Anakin had a brother or twin? But, my one great question that nobody has thought of who is Finn & Poa? Poa might be LEIA & HAN older son ? & FINN could handle that lightsaber pretty well to fight a person of KYLO REN STATUE,ESPECIALLY, NOT KNOWING HOW TO USE IT WISELY.... you know being a storm trooper & all, he might be a Windu (Samuel Jackson )descendant or Landu (Billy Dee Williams) or both but, I'm learning towards Windu!All of this is Speculation but, there is a twist inside a twist Disney gonna have to clean up the incest vibe ...sorry if I spoiled the movie! LolLol


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