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Zac Perry

With the stench of failure still reeking from the pile of crap that was Fantastic Four and with the sequel's slot in 20th Century Fox's schedule replaced with another film it is safe to say that the film was a disaster. Various of the people involved in the film have commented including the director himself, Josh Trank's infamous tweet.

Now Johnny Storm / Human Torch star Michael B. Jordan himself has commented on the films colossal failure. He stated in a interview with IGN -

I look back at the film as a learning experience. Every film isn’t going to be a home run. Everybody involved didn’t set out to make a film that didn’t work...You can give 110% every day, and the movie still not work out. But that may or may not be on you and you’ve got to be OK with that.

When quizzed about the sequel, he responded simply with "Why not". Hot of the heels of Creeds success it wouldn't be the wisest career move to return to the doomed franchise. With a measly 168 million domestic box office out of a 120 million budget the sequel is in doubt when cast member Tim Blake Nelson was asked he said that he doubts it will get made.


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