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Fans of The Walking Dead have reason to be excited. We've had The Governor, Merle, Shane, and a seemingly endless stream of complicated and brutally violent villains turned sour by the dystopian, zombie-infested world.

Hard-core followers of The Walking Dead and fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book series will know which villain is on his way to the post-apocalyptic US: none other than Negan himself, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Negan and Lucille
Negan and Lucille

Now, it's important to note that this teaser trailer is fan made, but it's damn cool nonetheless, and it shows just how amped fans are about seeing The Walking Dead's favorite badass join the show. Have a look at the fan made teaser!

Fan made, but chilling! Negan is coming to The Walking Dead and he's set to shake things up!

But who is Negan?

Okay, for those of you who who haven't heard of Negan, he was the big bad of Kirkman's comic book series: the foul-mouthed, brutal dictator who first appeared in issue 100 of The Walking Dead comic books. Negan had a crew of brutal followers and labelled himself the "protector" of surrounding communities, demanding the lion's share of their supplies and resources. Nice guy, right?

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Armed with an arsenal of guttural language and of course, Lucille, Negan was feared by even the toughest of our protagonists. Hell, he even had Rick Grimes and Daryl backing down from him!

Oh, but who is Lucille?

Lucille is definitely scheduled to make an appearance on The Walking Dead. A real lady, Lucille is a heavy bat wrapped in barbed wire and the only thing Negan ever treated with respect. In the comic books, Lucille even took the life of a certain protagonist... but that's a story for another day.

Negan and Lucille
Negan and Lucille

Negan and Lucille are coming to The Walking Dead... are you prepared for what's to come?

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