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Hot Patootie, bless my soul!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of the most defining musicals of my high school career. My fellow thespians in my drama class and I would blast the songs over and over again, wishing we could join the strange Frank-N-Furter and his horde of alien friends.

When I heard that a Rocky Horror remake was upon us, I was immediately ecstatic. And when I discovered that Laverne Cox was to play the creepy, yet alluring Frank-N-Furter, the freaky scientist adorned in a corset and pearls, I almost did the Time Warp in celebration.

Most recently the 33-year-old American Idol and Glee singer Adam Lambert was added to the cast to play the motorcycle-riding, leather clad badass Eddie. The role was originally played by Meat Loaf, as seen in the video above, and I know Adam is going to absolutely kill it.

While we wait for more casting updates, this is the group of actors so far attached to the project:

1. Victoria Justice

Character: Janet Weiss

2. Laverne Cox

Character: Frank-N-Furter

3. Ryan McCartan

Character: Brad Majors

4. Reeve Carney

Character: Riff Raff

5. Staz Nair

Charcter: Rocky Horror

If director Kenny Ortega is still looking for a Columbia, tell him he's got his girl right here. I can still remember a tap routine or two, and I know all the lyrics from her musical numbers.

This two-hour event will premiere in fall this year on Fox. I can't wait. I'm simply quivering with antici...pation.



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