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André René Roussimoff, fittingly known as André the Giant, was someone truly fitting of the label "larger than life."

The wrestling hero went 15 years unbeaten, became a famous movie star, and consumed 7,000 calories of beer. Every day.

It's fair to say, although tragically dying at the age of just 46, André managed to fit a lot into those years. Here's some unbelievable trivia about the friendly giant:

1. By The Age Of 12, He Weighed 240 Pounds And Was 6'3"

André suffered from gigantism, which causes abnormal growth due to a hormonal imbalance.

2. Due To His Size, He Couldn't Fit On The School Bus

Instead, his father's friend, who happened to be the playwright Samuel Beckett, took him to school in his truck.

3. At Wrestlemania III He Weighed 530lbs (240kg) And Stood At 7'3"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this caused André to suffer from various health problems.

4. His Hands Were... Massive

5. In 1974, He Was Listed As The Most Well Paid Wrestler, Earning $400,000 That Year

6. He Was Nicknamed "The Biggest Drunk Of All Time"...

7. Once Drinking 127 Beers In One Sitting

He became so intoxicated he passed out in the hotel he was staying in, but no staff could help move him because he was too big.

8. And Also Drinking 16 Bottles Of Wine Before Three Wrestling Matches

9. He Sometimes Peed In Bathtubs

Because toilets were too small for him.

10. He Was Too Big For The Army

Due to his mammoth size, the uniform wouldn't fit, and he couldn't fit in bunk beds. So despite being called up to the French army, he couldn't serve.

11. He Once Flipped A Car Containing Four People

After being antagonized at a bar by a group of thugs, André chased them out to confront them. When they locked themselves in a car, he flipped out and spun it over.

12. He Always Paid The Bill

André was notorious for his generosity, always settling the bill when out dining with friends.

13. On One Occasion, When Arnold Schwarzenegger Tried Paying, André Literally Carried Him Back To The Table

Yup, that's the freakin' Terminator being completely dwarfed by André and Wilt Chamberlain.

14. He Also Had A Successful Film Career

15. Most Well Known For The Role Of Fezzik In 'The Princess Bride' (1987)

16. His 15-Year Unbeaten Wrestling Streak Was Ended By Hulk Hogan

Who body-slammed all 240kg's of André at Wrestlemania III.

17. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Called Him "Uncle André"

18. Sadly, André The Giant Died On January 27, 1993 In A Paris Hotel

Source: Buzzfeed


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