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Lip Sync Battle gave us an immediately classic moment last week with its return to the small screen. It wasn't just a season premiere, it was a full-on bonanza that announced the show as a new reality show people actually want to watch.

Of course, the resulting pandemonium came from the show's talented guest performers: Channing Tatum and the surprising addition of Beyoncé.

Everyone was talking about the moment Beyoncé came out to join Channing for "Run the World (Girls)"

As it turns out, there was very minimal planning going into this performance, and they didn't even know that they were getting Beyoncé until the day before. It was all thanks to Channing Tatum's Hollywood connections, according to executive producer Casey Patterson.

"Channing, during one of his rehearsals, sent an iPhone video message to her about two days before the show. Only Channing and Beyonce know the back and forth, but I think that's what put it over the top."

Beyoncé had given her approval for Channing to use the song, but the pair hadn't even met until that moment we see on screen!

"That moment on air, that's the first time they ever met. He's dressed as her, dancing and singing to her song. We were just hoping he would keep dancing."

That just makes this performance even better.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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