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2008's Cloverfield was an instant success, critics and audiences enjoyed the found footage horror thriller film immensly, the film grossed $80,034,302 in the US alone. It was a mystery why a sequel wasn't in the works. Turns out there has been.

Produced by JJ Abrams himself, it was originally reported that Abrams was working on his physiological thriller Valencia, turns out this was just a fake title used to throw off the real title - 10 Cloverfield Lane.

JJ has stated to Collider that the film is "a blood relative to Cloverfield". Using his Bad Robot typical secrecy he revealed the trailer today with only 2 months until the films release. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman and is about a teenage girl awakening in a cellar after a car crash to discover from a strange caretaker that society has been devastated by nuclear attack.

The film is set for release in the US on March 11

Bad Robot really missed an opportunity not calling it Cloverfield 2 : Back in Action and having the poster be the statue of liberty with the decapitated head holding up the two symbol.


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