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Tim Horton

In Just Cause 3, sh** happens, a lot! But, what you might not have realised is that it will happen even if you do absolutely nothing!

As any real Just Cause enthusiast will tell you, things seem to have a habit of spiraling rapidly out of control in this game. Situations often go from, "I wonder if I could?" to "What the F*** just happened!" faster than an intern’s dignity at a cigar club meeting.

Let's face it, the Just Cause series is famous for being a little over-the-top but to have it any other way would be a crime of the highest order. In a recent video from YouTube channel ThingsWePlay, we see how quickly society within the world of Just Cause can rapidly descend in total anarchy without any player input what so ever.

The experiment was a simple one - touch nothing and see what happens. The results were hilarious!

Who would have thought that so much mayhem could be caused without any player input? Just over one minute until total anarchy! Hit and run, mass shooting rampage and even a panicked nun.

It says a lot when Rico Rodriguez may actually have a calming effect on a population - I always thought it was the other way round. What is clear though is that Rico may want to reconsider his choice of islands to retire to.

Just Cause 3 is an anarchist's dream. This game is full of big guns and even bigger explosions! It is a heart pounding, nuclear bomb of a game that will have you screaming with pyrotechnic delight!

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