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Spoilers are a bit like liquor. When you pour your first drink of the night, the ratio of mixer to hard stuff will favour the mixer - but as the night goes on, the tables turn, until you sack off any pretence of mixing your drinks at all and swig from the bottle instead.

When The Force Awakens came out, everybody was dancing around the big spoilers. Nobody really wants to be that guy who runs his mouth and ruins it for everybody. But it's four weeks later now, and if you still haven't seen Star Wars 7 you should not be reading this article.

In other words, everything that follows is a whiskey sour that's far more whiskey than sour. Bottoms up...

1. Why did Leia send Poe to Jakku?

In the film's breakneck opening sequence, Poe Dameron collects the missing piece of the map that will locate Luke Skywalker from Lor San Tekka, stashing it inside BB-8 for safekeeping.

It's logical to think that San Tekka was given the map by Luke himself, to be used in the event of an attack - but General Leia would have to have known about it to have sent Dameron on the mission. That doesn't seem to make sense, given that she's had no contact with Luke in the apparently vast amount of time he's been in hiding.

Right now, this has the distinct feel of a Deus ex Machina.

2. Why does Maz Kanata have Luke's lightsaber?

We're in similar territory with the seemingly unanswerable question of how exactly Maz Kanata came to be in possession of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

Logically, if Kylo Ren's betrayal is what drove Luke into hiding, he wouldn't have made a casual stopover on Takodana to drop off his lightsaber. Kanata does tell Rey that it's "a good question for another time", so expect elaboration in Episode 8 - and hopefully a lot more of Maz herself.

For more on this, read Why was the full story of Luke Skywalker's lost lightsaber cut from Star Wars 7?

3. Life under the Republic

We're repeatedly given cause to believe that the First Order poses a major threat to the Republic, and yes, they do destroy several planets in one swift blow after deploying the Starkiller. But we never really see anything of life anywhere in the Galaxy outside of the battle between the Order and the Resistance.

Are ripples of the tug of war between these two factions felt in everyday life? Are ordinary people living in fear of the First Order? To understand the impact of this war, we have to see what life is like for those not fighting.

4. Can Leia find forgiveness?

During her emotional reunion with Han at the Resistance base, Leia tells him to bring their son home and affirms her belief that there's still some good in Ben Solo. But then this happened...

And in a single moment the love of Leia's life was lost, whilst her son took a step closer to the Dark Side and the Kylo Ren persona he built for himself.

The question, then, is this: is Leia's maternal love strong enough to withstand Kylo's act of patricide? It's absolutely imperitive that mother and son come face to face in Episode 8. The emotional pay-off will be huge.

5. How long Luke been stood on top of that huge bloody rock?

If The Force Awakens taught us anything, it's that Luke Skywalker is a huge fan of hide and seek. How long has he been out in self-imposed exile, and what was he looking for? Did he think the Jedi Temple would provide answers as to why he was unable to control Ben Solo's Dark tendencies, or was he simply too broken by the betrayal to stick around and address the damage?

If Luke went in search of a better understanding of the Force, the saga could be building towards the realisation that there's a dichotomy in the Light and the Dark; that the Dark Side can only be exiled if the Force itself is destroyed. This is an idea that manifests in Kylo Ren, who is unable to tread either path fully, and, the signs would suggest, in Rey.

To go deeper in-depth with this theory, read Why Rey will flirt with the Dark Side in Star Wars: Episode 8.

6. What's the deal with Poe Dameron?

Oscar Isaac has spoken about how his original role in the film was massively expanded, after the Force Awakens draft script had him die early on, presumably after crashing on Jakku with Finn.

That would explain why the final script has him handily alive without a particularly convincing explanation as to how he escaped this fate...

J. J. Abrams clearly had a change of heart and found a bigger use for Poe Dameron in the new trilogy, which also explains the introduction of his mother Shara Bey into official canon. Exactly what that role is - considering so far, Poe's primary contribution to the Resistance effort is his piloting skills - remains to be seen.

7. What is the First Order's end game?

Or, to word it another way: What does Snoke actually want? The Jedi are no longer a powerful force within the Galaxy, but the First Order continue to wreak havoc. Is Snoke, whomever he may be, being driven by a personal vendetta against Luke Skywalker - or is there a bigger end game at play?

Star Wars: Episode VIII releases May 26, 2017.


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