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Hello reader! Yesterday was a sad day for the world, as legendary Alan Rickman passed away. Notable achievements include creating compelling characters such as Professor Severus Snape and Hans Gruber. This post is a tribute in his memory, as he has changed and influenced several generations.

The character that most people would recognize him for is from the Harry Potter franchise, playing the strict teacher Professor Snape. In the last movie, it was revealed in a flashback that he was actually not a villain after all, but instead the bravest hero of them all. He also played the main villain Hans Gruber in the movie ‘Die Hard’ opposite hero Bruce Willis in the 1980s.

Profesor Severus Snape
Profesor Severus Snape
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber

Even though Rickman started acting at a late age of 41, he has been one of the best supporting actors in history, excelling in very dark and emotional scenes. The void that will be felt due to Rickman’s passing will be one that cannot be easily filled. Not only in Hollywood, but in all of our hearts.

Rest in peace Alan Rickman, we will remember you, always.


How long will you remember this legend?

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