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There are a lot of things that people have been expecting to see in Captain America: Civil War. The hype for this film is beyond unreal, and I have no idea what to call something that is beyond unreal, so just watch the trailer again.

Now, while this trailer shows us a lot, people have noticed that there is a lack of certain things. There is no Spider-Man, no Vision, very little of most of the heroes in fact. But that isn't the only thing missing from this trailer, and it is something that is in every single Marvel film.

No, not Stan Lee. Although he is in every Marvel film (except Fantastic Four), and was not in the trailer. I am actually talking about...


That's right! Every Marvel film has a lot of comedy present, and we usually see this is in the trailers. The film with the least humor was definitely Captain America: The Winter Soldier, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. With that in mind, and considering the huge critical praise for that film, it really seemed like the directing duo would bring the same level of serious content to Civil War, an incredibly dark storyline, in which two major heroes are killed and the whole Marvel Universe is turned upside down and inside out.

With that quite possibly happening in the film adaption, it seems like it could be as serious as the first trailer suggests. However the directors themselves say differently!

While being interviewed by Collider, the Russo brothers said that:

“There’s a good portion of [Civil War] that’s actually funnier than Winter Soldier, because there are characters in that film, that come from worlds where the tone is more comedic.

Not all the characters in that movie have the same history as the Avengers. They’re coming at the problem of the film, not embedded with that baggage.

They’re not tied to the central arc of the movie with the same motivation as the other characters, so they can be lighter. I think there are a lot lighter moments because there are much darker moments as well. We did have to work very hard at that.”

Sorry Peggy, there's no more.
Sorry Peggy, there's no more.

While this may make many fans despair, as the last Marvel film with more comedy than expected was the underwhelming Avengers: Age of Ultron. While still a very good film, many people feel it did not live up to the hype and the first Avengers movie. Now with this film expected to be just as serious and dark as that one was expected to be, a large amount of comedy might not go down the right way with a lot of fans.

Having said that, how can they keep down the level of comedy, considering that the film has Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hawkeye and Spider-Man? All of those characters are absolutely hilarious in their own right, and it is hard to imagine there won't be at least a few quips delivered by the likes of Captain America, Black Widow and War Machine. Everyone has a few, and with this many heroes in the film it will really add up. I hate to say it, but it is undeniable that there will be a lot of comedy in Captain America: Civil War.

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