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Leia Organa's story is one of the most interesting in the Star Wars saga, and yet she often gets overlooked. Despite the fact that she was revealed to be Force Sensitive in Return Of The Jedi, her appearance in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) very clearly positioned her as the leader of the Resistance, and not a Jedi.

This makes a lot of sense, as Leia's role was always tied inexorably to the fight against the Empire (and now, The First Order). But, as this theory explains, Leia had actually been using the Force along, and the evidence was right in front of us!

Spoiler warning: The Force Awakens spoilers incoming!

Leia's Power Is Why Stormtroopers Can't Aim Straight

We finally have the answer to one of the original trilogy's most compelling questions: if Stormtroopers are the best and brightest, why can't they ever hit their targets? And for that matter, why are they such giant klutzes...

Many fans have tried to answer this question over the years, coming up with elaborate theories to explain why Stormtroopers are just so bad at their jobs. Well now it seems like we have a solution. Leia, without realising, was subtly affecting the Stormtroopers' aim and abilities via the Force!

This idea comes to us from bonehandledknife on Tumblr (give the original post a read - it's fantastic), and it goes a long way to explain Leia Organa's latent Force abilities. Of course, we did see Leia use the Force to sense Luke's survival in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi...

Leia uses her Force sense in ROTJ
Leia uses her Force sense in ROTJ

Conversely, in The Force Awakens, General Leia senses Han Solo's death (oh man, I'm not gonna be over that any time soon). But what if Leia had been using the Force ever since she was born, without knowing? Here's the theory.

Now THIS Is How The Force Works

Leia has been asserting her will through the Force for a long, long time. Of course, we know that she's been an active member of the Rebel Alliance long before A New Hope. A senator and rebel spy in her teens, Princess Leia's missions of apparent diplomacy helped the Rebellion in the early stages of the war against the Empire. Naturally, she wanted the Imperial Stormtroopers to miss their targets and somehow.... that's exactly what happened.

"Moving a blaster’s nose a half centimeter causes the shot to miss by a feet. It’s much easier to make 5 blasters miss than to throw 5 Stormtroopers backwards."
Why can't Stormtroopers aim straight?
Why can't Stormtroopers aim straight?

Later on, once Leia is made aware of her Force strength, she starts to harness this power more.

"At this point, no one can aim straight if she’s even on the same planet, let alone the same room."

This all makes so much sense when we consider Leia's character. She's pragmatic, practical, and she hasn't got time to ponder lofty Jedi philosophies when there's a war to be won. But there's no way she's just going to let her Force abilities go to waste, and messing with Stormtroopers' aim isn't the only way she uses the Force...

A Commanding Presence

Leia Organa definitely captures attention, and she clearly has quite an inspirational effect on her troops.

Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back
Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back

As the theory continues, it turns out that Leia's speech was a little more... Forceful than we originally assumed.

"When she speaks to a room, she starts with nudges to make everyone listen, she slides in quiet elation at her words, she ends with encouraging a feeling of being able to do absolutely anything in the Universe."

If this is true, then Leia is responsible for a lot more of the Rebellion's initial victory than we realised. She certainly has a way of inspiring people to greatness: as the visual dictionary confirms, Poe Dameron grew up idolising General Leia.

Poe Dameron idolises General Organa
Poe Dameron idolises General Organa

Could Leia's commands have had more than just persuasive power behind them? It's certainly possible, and it would neatly explain a lot of inconsistencies in the original trilogy.

At the end of the day, this is just a nice little idea which enhances the story. Ultimately, it would be fantastic to see Leia use the Force in a noticeable way in Star Wars Episode 8 - maybe not by blasting Stormtroopers out of the way, but maybe just by casually levitating a coffee cup closer to her while she examines Resistance data.

And if not then hey, at least we have a good explanation for Stormtroopers' terrible aim!

Ok, I guess Leia wasn't paying attention that time.

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