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Joseph Bloncourt

I am not a huge music fan. Every time someone mentions a band member that's not Axl Rose or Freddie Mercury I am lost in an advance conversation with musical terminology I will never comprehend. I only discovered Radiohead like maybe three years ago and not too long ago I still thought Jack White and Meg White were actual siblings.

But here comes Lana Del Rey with her tender voice and desperate lyrics that just begs to be analyzed for its lore. I even have a calendar that bares her gorgeous face for all twelve months of 2016. My Spotify list reminded me before the end of last year of how far my Del Rey obsession has come. (No need for actual numbers, just know that it was why too high. It's actually quite insane)

Which makes me wonder, why haven't I heard she is going to make an appearance on the much anticipated Twin Peaks? Or maybe a recurring character in American Horror Story? Oh wait, maybe she is waiting to hear from Wes Anderson? Oh my god, that makes so much sense! At least, I think so. I could see her play the daughter or sister of the log lady from David lynch's masterpiece, or a night club singer in a Ryan Murphy vehicle, or maybe a silent fisherman in Wes Anderson's next project?

Either way, the lack of Lana Del Rey AKA Lizzy Grant on my television is quite disturbing. I guess it is.


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