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Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy star in this gritty and graphic telling of the story of a hunting trip gone wrong. Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is left for dead by his hunting group, his struggle for survival begins. Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu with Director of Photography Emmanuel Lubezki (Birdman, Children of Men).

Pain. Desperation. Sadness. Fear. I felt, not all of them literally, but I understood all these emotions and feelings whilst watching The Revenant. The film depicts a heart-wrenching plot which almost seems unbelievable, yet the way the events are shown keeps the audience with it the whole way through. Everything that I watched felt real. If you have even seen the advert then you will understand the gravity of that statement, everything felt real, like I was experiencing it along side the characters. I think all the actors performed amazingly, especially DiCaprio. He was just so believable as this pain stricken, desperate man who from the outset is struggling.

One very major quality to the film is the lack of dialogue. Now, I don’t mean lack as in ‘it should be there but isn’t’ rather that it just isn’t there. The film has very little dialogue yet progresses in a perfectly fluent and understandable way. This impressed me as it can often be (understandably) hard to pull off. In contrast, when there was dialogue it did not feel out of place or not needed in anyway, it just fit. I think the amount of dialogue was well balanced.

The film looks stunning, which – given the bleak and grey environment they are in – is a hard thing for an audience to come away thinking but it really does. Despite the harrowing events ongoing, I couldn’t help but admire their setting, vast valleys and lush forests. I also greatly appreciated the way it was shot, long, lingering takes (of which I am a big fan of) kept the audience on the edge of their seats, hooked on what was going to happen next. The camera was often very close to the characters faces as well. This would be to convey expression and emotion, yes, but more importantly emphasize the theme of breathing that is carried all through the film.

Despite at times seeming only slightly unbelievable – The Revenant is spectacular and doesn’t fail to impress. Absolutely outstanding.


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