ByJack Curran, writer at

The Hateful Eight hit cinemas (not all of them!) a few days ago and for the most part has been received rather well. Tarantino’s eighth film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh as two bounty hunters and an outlaw in post Civil War America. When a snowstorm prevents them from journeying any further, they stop at Minnie’s Haberdashery, a solitary boarding house, until the storm blows over. Upon arrival they discover several other characters, one of which they believe not to be who they say they are and means to free the outlaw they are transporting.

Now, that’s the plot put very simply. The thing I found most brilliant about this film is learning about each character’s story; how they got there and who they are. Each character is wonderfully portrayed and entirely believable, their interactions are realistic and at times humorous. To me, this is one of Tarantino’s more comedic films. I think the reason for this is because of the closed off nature of the film, the characters are literally trapped for several days so scriptwriting is even more in the spotlight than the average film in which the audience can be impressed by constant changing setting. Comedy is quite a good way to entertain an audience in a story like this.

To begin with the film is rather slow, about as slow as I can take a film. The writing is hugely interesting though, which makes up for any slow moving plot. As with most Tarantino films there is the usual high level of blood and violence in The Hateful Eight, if not a little bit more than usual. The film remains brilliant, the soundtrack is magnificent and completely immersive. Thoroughly enjoyable film.


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