ByKyle Sanders, writer at
Kyle Sanders

If you haven't seen the Revenant then you're missing out. The Revenant is honestly one of the best movies around right now. Leonardo DiCaprio's way to get an Oscar would be through this movie,The Revenant, which is based on true events. DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass, a legendary explorer who enters in chartered territories in the American Wilderness. Glass is attacked by a bear and left to die by his team of hunters. DiCaprio must then fight against the winter in a search to find Joh Fitzgerald(Tom Hardy) who killed someone important to Glass. DiCaprio's acting is perfect as he plays a man fighting to survive and pursue a man in the Winter, coldest months. During this time Glass must find himself while also searching to find Fitzgerald. DiCaprio has an outstanding performance as he has to do things he never has before. Laying inside a dead horse, fighting Indians and facing things he never has before. The Revenant is an outstanding performance where DiCaprio does some of his best acting yet, and must play a man close to dying which is harder than it looks. DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for his outstanding performance in this drama about a man fighting for survival.


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