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Ever wonder if Mr. Fantastic can stretch his Little Mr.? How about what Dr Strange's favorite magic trick is? Well beginning today, Marvel Comics gives fans a chance to ask those questions and more with ASK MARVEL. The video format gives fans a chance to get all of their questions answered by the creators who bring us our favorite monthly Marvel mags. The brand new video series, is devoted to giving fans the chance to have their Tweets answered by some of the actors, creators and filmmakers associated with Marvel.

ASK MARVEL kicks off today with a Q & A with Drax himself, Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), in the hot seat. Fans will have the chance to get their questions answered by Tweeting them with the hashtag . A panel of Marvel’s best and brightest from across the galaxy will tackle the most important questions in an impromptu-style Q&A session. Wanna know what's under the Thing's rocky hide? Or if Galactus gets heartburn after eating a planet? ASK MARVEL will have the answers.

New episodes will be made available every Thursday on and on Marvel’s YouTube page with guests like Charlie Cox, Joe Quesada, and many more.

“We’ve been answering fans’ questions in our letters pages, at convention panels, and on our This Week in Marvel podcast for years, so we felt it was time to collect the burning questions our fandom constantly poses, get them in front of a wide array of Marvel folks, and put it all on video,” says Ryan Penagos, VP & Executive Editor for Marvel’s Digital Media Group.

What do you want to know? Start Tweeting your questions to today.


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