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In a new Star Wars Rebels clip it is revealed that there just might be a possible connection to The Force Awakens.

Check Out the Video Here:

The clip is from an upcoming episode where it is shown that Ezra ignites a crossguard lightsaber very similar to the one that Kylo Ren wields in the news movie. Based on earlier clips for season 2, it looks like this season will focus a lot on the characters and revealing the background as well as furthering their development.

How will the lightsaber play into it?

Well other than the clip and images we can't say for sure other than, event that are happening in this show directly relate to The Force Awakens. I have a feeling that this lightsaber will see a long journey before it reaches the hands of Kylo Ren.

Star Wars Rebels premieres this Wednesday on Disney XD.

Source: EW


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