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Females with leading roles are rare, and when they come along, usually the roles are shallow, basic and even a bit degraded. We are always in love with some cute hot guy that has no brain without paying attention to the nice, less hotter guy, or maybe we are trying to prove or own worth always making a fool of ourselves. Yes Hollywood. We are exactly like that. Moody, basic, depressed and pathetic. But once in a while, comes a movie where we are strong, fierce, independent, life changing. Where we have so many layers and are so complex as we actually are, that it calls to us, that reminds us of our actually strength, and shows Hollywood that not only we’re way more than they think, we do bring money to the table as well.

So I gathered my favorite movies, and divided in two categories. A easier, more relax movie, and those that are intense and powerful to a whole new level. This second list my not be suitable for the younger audience. Today we are talking about the first category.


In a world where you’re divided by factions, and when a test tells you what you are and you are not… well things are completely up side down. The amazing Shailene Woodley (could not love her more), is a girl that goes against the system, that, although soft at the beginning, becomes strong and powerful enough to put in danger this elitist society, and makes her a target. One girl. She is the main reason, she is the main character. Also, even the mad guy, isn’t a guy at all! It’s, the also amazing, Kate Winslet. So you get two female powerful character for the price of one!


Oh the classic pregnant teenager. Yes, we all have seen it the before (mainly because MTV would let us see anything else… like music!). But, and here is the twist, usually the girl is , well let’s face it, a bit dumb. Oh the poor girl that is now pregnant and what is she going to do with the baby. Here we have a totally different approach to that. She knows what to do (despite all of the roads she has to go), she knows what she wants and she wears it like an armor. She is not a victim! She owns that. And that it’s actually kind of fresh. We all have been young and dumb (all of us!), and because of that lack of oxygen to our own little brains, we do stupid things. Some more than others, some more serious than others. But we all do it. The difference is how you deal with it, when the shit hits the fan! Will you crouch and act like a victim? Or will you be strong and fierce and face it as it comes?


This movie… this movie is quite something. It’s different, it’s fresh, even a bit kinky. It’s a amazing movie by it self , but Amélie takes it to another level. Very shy and innocent girl, that in fact is neither shy nor innocent at all. She is so complex with so many interest, probably one of the most real characters. She like silly things, and she thinks about everything and nothing. She is not confined in a tag, created to undress you of all of you personality. She is unique, she is real. And that is what a love the most about this movie.

The Help

Oh god where should I start? This movie is already perfection. Now let’s add the fact that all the main character are woman. Yes, the subjects is about a dark time where black people were “things” and women were only good to stay home and watch the kids. But it’s also about the time when all that started to change. Little by little. And how courage this woman were. To break the fear and talk about all the injustice. To break the stigma and write about it. Two sides of the coin, joining hands to make a better world and a better life for those to come. I mean… common! Men start wars, with force and all in your face. Women, well we write about it, and when you least expected, the shit hit the fence and things are gonna change! I love us! So magical… so ingenious… so… GOTCHA! Oh…

So I hope you like this first part of My top movies with females in leading roles.

After the second one is up, I’ll put the link here so you can check it out.



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