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Today’s list is more intense. It’s all movies that are heavy and definitely not suitable for under 16 years old. Some are even based on true stories. Please be aware of the content, before watching.

This movies are all about women, that are strong and brave, and that inspired me to be better thought their hard times. Amazing cinematic work, with passionate roles.


One woman that sees science as her religion, in a time when science was a sin and women had no right to study. She shows no cowardice in the menace of religious groups, always showing her point of view and advice, even if that meant that her life was in danger. She proved that she is no less than a men, and that she had courage to follow her believes.

Her role is played amazingly. She will make you feel so small in her “presence”, that it will encourage you to do more and better. She will be the proof that we are as strong and as wise as anyone else, and will teach us that, no matter what, you should always follow your ideals and seek for peace.

This movie will make you cry. But it is a shame if you never had the honor to see it.

Dancer in the Dark

Oh if only I had the right words to say. This movie is so heavy, but so beautiful and innocent. The amazing story of a woman that, it’s strong beyond words, and innocent beyond repair. How an amazing performance.

She will bring you joy and will brake your heart. She will teach you that, there is always a way to brighten up the day, even if the day is broken beyond repair. And she’ll teach you that innocence is better than to live life only to profit from others grief. You will cry. That is certain. But you will love it.

The Piano

Yes it is a love story. And a very pretty one. But what brings this movie to this top is the strength and courage (as normal in all of this movies I mentioned) of a woman. A woman that does what needs to be done so her kids have a future, a better life, that she alone, can not provide. The power of love of a mother is beyond words, but so it is the power of love, that comes and conquers all. And on top of that you have one of the most amazing soundtracks that is.

Elizabeth : The Golden Age

Let’s start with the fact that Cate Blanchett is the main actress. Let that sink in so you can understand the amazing, most powerful performance that is coming. One of my favorite actresses (wasn’t she Galandriel).

A lonely Queen that faces fear and solitude, for the best for her own people. That faces a war, alone, against those who want to conquer her lands. Her brilliance saved England from the Spanish Armada, and stresses the power that she had on her own lands, and that she would never let anything changed that, while she was still the Queen of England! She may have been the Virgin Queen, but she was also a fierce Queen, that ruled with the heart and soul typical of a woman.


And let’s not forget the queen of badass. Not only she survived once, she survives twice. Giving orders in all of those men, being the mastermind. And there she was for a second run with the aliens, and yes, she was a badass again, not only surviving but taking care of a previous survivor. And that is (probably) one of the reasons why she became the crush of many young boys in the 80’s.Yup, she is the one you want by your side when aliens come for revenge.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.



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