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All movies give you a message, a feeling, a lesson. Some stay longer in your mind than others. Few change your life in such a way, that make you a better person. If you are lucky, and aware, you’ll find that movie. Maybe is not only one. It may be a few or even a lot. And you can discover them throughout your life or maybe, one day you’re at the movies and you realize “This is it!”.

This is mine.

The Blind Side. I’ve talked about this movie a couple of times now (on my blog), but today will be the day when I tell you all that I love about it, and all that it taught me. But first a bit of background.

I’m 29 years old. I don’t have kids but I have 2 cats and 2 dogs that I love as such. I know that I’m the motherly type. I can feel it, I can see it in my actions and thoughts. And if there is an idea that drives me off the edge, is mothers who don’t want or don’t care about their kids. It drives me nuts. And I don’t care how old that “child” may be, they are always someone’s kid, and should feel the love of their parents.

Now, It’s been a couple of years since I watched this movie. Since I saw the trailer I want to watch if for a number of different reasons:

-Sandra Bullock,

-Leigh Anne Tuohy (that I knew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition)

-The story

-And the fact that is based on a true story (not all of it is as it happen, but the general message is).

Oh and did I mention Sandra Bullock?

When I finished watching the movie for the first time, my life was changed. The idea of family was completely updated in my mind. Blood is not always thicker than water. If the water is given with love, water can be so much thicker! The selfless act of one woman, in a cold night, to a completely, giant, stranger. The love for humanity that needed no last name, nor blood. The sweetest of hearts with the hardest of shells. From that moment on, my goal was to be half as that woman is. A true role model.

Some people may see things a little bit differently, like she was pushing Football on Michael, or that she was trying to mold him to her own figure. To her own ideals. But isn’t that a mistake a lot of loving parents do? When they want the best for their children, they take them through the best road they know, so their kids have success and happiness. Although sometimes that road is not the more suitable for that particular kid, but parents do the best they know. And at no point, he shows intentions of quitting football. So, resuming my opinion on Leigh Anne, she was a strong caring woman that did to Michael, what she would have done to her own children, which Michael was (if not by blood, by heart).

Michael. What a soft giant. Living in the middle of decadence, put aside by his mother that, without proper care, was so deep into drugs that could not see the loneliness in her kids eyes. Still he did the best he could. He washed his clothes the best he can. He knew how to stay out of trouble. He was so strong and so fragile at the same time. And how amazing it is to see him blossom with the help, love and support of his new family.

One of the moments that made that little light bulb light up on top of my head, that cause that Aha! moment is when the Tuohy family asks Michael if he wants to be adopted by them. Of course! Adopting is not only something available for small children, and it’s not an exclusive to orphans. Kids with poor conditions, that are neglected by their own parents, they deserve to me adopted too. To a loving family. To a brighter future. At that moment I decided, one day, when I can, I will adopt. Not a small child that is the first to be adopted. But the young man/woman that has, for his/her whole life, seen the younger kids being adopted, and they left behind. The ones that lost all hope that someone, out there, loves them. That see their own future in black in white while everyone else sees it in bright colors. It’s not fair that they feel like they don’t have the right to dream. It’s not fair that everyone else sees them as “unwanted” or less than anyone else. I want them. All of them, if I could. I want to be the one that gives them that unconditional love that they always thought they didn’t deserve it. The one that proves them the world is better than they think. And that they have all the right to dream with the brightest future they can think.

This is a dream of mine, that I’ll work hard to make it real. Because it’s not only a dream of mine, but a dream of so many young people that live in foster homes, or in precarious situations. It’s a dream of happiness and love. This movie game me a dream, a dream to make someone else’s dream come true. I dream to give someone a home, with all the love they that dream and a chance of a brighter future.



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