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I LOVE EOS, I always make sure that I have my eos where ever I go. I keep 2 in my purse and one in my car. I don't really wear lipstick, Eos is my lipstick I always put it on along with my kids. My daughter has just about every color and my little girl even has one. My son gets chapped lips so bad so I always make sure he has an eos in his backpack which he does use and yes I do have to remind him to put on his eos. I remember a few months back, I woke up my lips looked like Angelina Jolie!! Which most girls would be like and I am Complaining!! Well when they were followed by a rash and little tiny water blisters and they itched so bad.....they were swollen and they hurt really bad especially when I smiled. I had know idea of what it was I mean yes it was some type of allergic reaction that I was having, I went to urgent care and the Doctor asked me what I ate and maybe I was using some new makeup remover. I remember I was on a cough syrup that my doctor had prescribed that had codeine in it. My doctor just figured that I was allergic to codeine. So I always say I am allergic to Codeine, now I believe it must of been in December 2015 I felt my lips getting chapped I continued using my eos like I always do well I was like hey they are not really getting any better. I have not been using any codeine cough syrup, since my last Angelina Jolie allergic reaction. I stopped for a couple days from the eos because it wasn't helping and after maybe 4 days they were pretty much back to normal. My son always uses his eos as I do. My sister Karen saw an article that had been posted about eos may have a class action lawsuit due to people have been getting swollen, blisters, itching rashes on there lips she was thinking that I should read so I began reading, as I was reading and seeing the pictures I started to realize that the pictured looked like my lips and what they were describing were my symptoms.

So my question has anyone had anything like this happen to them?

I am now wondering am I really allergic to Codeine?

Or is EOS the culprit?

Please thoughts?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read.....


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