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Eli Roth is at it again, this time he is looking to make a film called “MEG”. “MEG” is based off of Steven Alten’s 1997 novel which is about a Navy Deep Sea Diver that spots the enormous beast (A 70-foot, 60,000 pound Great White Shark) yet nobody believes him. Eventually the truth is revealed and the massive shark begins wreaking havoc!

There hasn’t been a film based on sharks of this magnitude since “Jaws” and those shark films that have happened are basically “Survival” type films where people are getting stranded and have to survive a long period of time in the ocean (With the exception of “Deep Blue Sea”).

Roth, coming off some average films looks to prove himself in a completely different manner with this film! I personally want to see this since I have read all of the “MEG” series. I will keep a close eye on this film and give any updates as I learn more!


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