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Since oct 6 when season 2 of The Flash returned and we saw Zoom in all his glory and the world has exploded with fan theories on who Zoom could be. A couple of weeks ago I posted a theory on why in thought Jay Garrick could be Zoom. But I thought I'd give it second whirl on the Zoom theory.

Ok even though Prime Earth Henry Allen is still alive. Zoom could be Earth 2 Henry Allen and here's why.

Remember the major subplot in Flashpoint Paradox. Bruce Wayne was shot instead of his parents. His father became Batman and mother went insane after Bruce's death and became the joker anyways.

On earth 2 everything is the opposite (or mirrored). Usually the roles are reversed between the same character.

1.Instead of Barry being struck by the lightning, Henry was struck.

2.Earth 1 Henry was in jail, whereas earth 2 Barry is in jail.

In one of the earlier episodes of season 2 a flashback occurred with Wells and his daughter, the news report said Oliver Queen was killed on the island that he was trained and Robert Queen became Arrow. Point being is that at the beginning of this second season, Andrew Kriesberg was talking in reference Zoom and he said that like Eboard Thawne, zoom has an "ulterior motive"

Then here's where it gets tricky. I think and I could be dead wrong, but remember in the season 1 finale and barry was running through the timestream, and He saw himself in prison. I think that might've been him on earth 2. Barry could be in jail because of Wells tried to pin the particle accelerator explosion on him and Zoom (who is Henry Allen from earth 2 ) is getting some kind of sick revenge, and Wells knows this. That would explain why Garrick always says he has secrets, and much like Wells from earth 1, earth 2 wells wants barry faster. We know the obvious one that we learned at the end of last episode before the winter hiatus that by order of Zoom that Harrison must take Barry's speed. I think it might be a little more to that because Zoom has wells' daughter captured so there's something a little more personal at stake. I think Zoom is trying prove a point and expose Wells.

Let me know what you guys think

Because either this theory is true or my previous Jay Garrick could be true so let me know what you guys think.


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