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We are less than four months away from what could be Marvel’s greatest achievement on the silver screen… Captain America: Civil War! Not only is the instant-classic comic book storyline about the “Registration Act” coming to life, this will be the first time we get to see the newly casted Spider-Man (Tom Holland) swinging through the Marvel Movie Universe. Disney has done an incredible job of maintaining the notorious continuity, perhaps improving the bond with each passing project. Now it would seem that Spider-Man is going to be the new linchpin for the upcoming films (including their miniseries), and this is no surprise given that Spider-Man has always been the most profitable character even without having the film rights for a good twenty years. I’m also sure Tom Holland is not opposed to a lengthy contract being so young and basically hitting the lottery. With that being said, there still has been no official reveal of how Spider-Man will fit into the universe… yet there has been plenty of speculation (I mean, “we got a guy that swings”).

First things first, Peter Parker is going to start out much younger than previous incarnations, so he will be looking up to all of these established heroes (literally). Just imagine growing up idolizing Michael Jordan then finding a pair of his old sneakers while simultaneously getting struck by lighting that grants you the ability to slam dunk, what are you going to do? Join the NBA… Well, Peter is most likely going to try to fit in with the other heroes running around New Work and Netflix and find himself some crime to fight. So when (the month of) May comes around, Spider-Man is going to be drafted for the Civil War, and how could you say no to the likes of Iron Man or Captain America if it means saving the world?This one might be a spoiler from the comic, but Spidey could be switching sides or refuse to fight at some point due to his own moral struggles, nonetheless he will still show up for some big showdowns.

Now before Marvel gained the shared rights of our friendly neighborhood superhero from Sony, they had already designed a Phase 3 with locked in dates for each film. Then, along came the spider and completely shook up the entire schedule (really it just pushed things around a little). Maybe the most jarring change was Black Panther’s role in Civil War as well as his debut solo-film’s release date. Whether Marvel saw it coming or not, the moment Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man he began to pop up on Marvel sets around the world, including Daredevil’s Season 2 and Doctor Strange. This could just be a coincidence and a way for Holland to get to know his fellow coworkers, but I think we could be seeing glimpses of Spider-Man all through the universe soon. As an on-again off-again street level hero, Spidey fits perfectly in Hell’s Kitchen along side his old time friend from the comics Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. Plus I would personally love to see the mystical realm of Doctor Strange open the possibility of including Madam Web. Moreover Chris Hemsworth, commonly know as Thor, was recently praising Tom Holland’s abilities on the set of In the Heart of the Sea which could go a long way to seeing him in Thor: Ragnarok as well. Marvel could use him anywhere and everywhere really, so I wouldn’t put it past the studio to do exactly that (if their wallet agrees).

Aside from all of the potential cameos, and there are definitely a few, the “Spectacular” Spider-Man will be starring in a solo film that is only a year and a half away (July 28th, 2017). Newcomer Jon Watts will be directing and diligently working on a “down to earth” script inspired by series such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane that focus on a young Peter Parker’s relationships. For some time now the rumored villain has been Kraven taking after the Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline, but I’ve got my finger crossed that Spider-Man will have to deal with the King Pin. Vincent D’Onofrio played this part immaculately, and I would love to see the character reprised on the big screen, especially having a rich history against Spider-Man. On top of that and maybe a long shot for cosmic ties, they could also lay groundwork for Venom, an alien symbiote who has recently crossed paths with the Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics. My guess is we will get a little of everything, including Iron Man and Cap, because it’s Disney and they have an unbelievable track record of outdoing themselves.

Will any of this actually happen? Who knows? Maybe Kevin Feige, but someone should hire Marvel as a campaign manager because they undeniably know how to keep a secret. Is it true that Spider-Man will play a big role in the Marvel Movie Universe as a whole? Without a doubt, and they might as well change his name to $pider-Man. At this point he is already set to steal the show from two show-stoppers (Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans) so he will assuredly get a good amount of screen time in the next several years. Now, how would you like to see Spider-Man fit into the mix?


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