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The films that are about to be mentioned, are films that were once considered the best franchise in movies, and that are now mentioned as not so great. Many of these movies have made history, and have created the perfect formula for science fiction, action and comedy, these are movies that have had a big impact in to pop culture and made a lot of fun childhood memories.

Every time a great movie is made, and turned into a franchise, Hollywood has the extraordinary skill, to fuck up what may seem unfuckable. They come up with these great movies, only to ruin their greatness. There numerous reasons for why this happens. Could be that a former writer or director of the movie were fired, studio meddlement, change of casting, not giving the same effort and just taking advantage of fans, you name it.

We'll be talking about franchises that has had 2 successful films, that have either recently been showed or the ones that were last showed way back in the day. Franchises that have either turned into cash cows, mediocre, or bad sequels.

The scary movie franchise

PG-13 Sucks

Built and stolen by the wayan brothers, the comedy gold franchise, now comedy plaque franchise, realease 2 succesful movies, part 1 and 2, both of the were filled with strong funny humor, good performances by the wayan brothers, (also one of the writers), made every stupid horror look like how it really is, and of course they were both rated R. Even though the part 2 wasnt as succesful as part 1, it wasnt a total failure. Along came part 3,4, and 5, with no involvment from the wayans what so ever. Sure they have made money, but there not good, especially the last one that was the biggest failure of them all. It is no longer funny, every single part is pg-13( which is one of the biggest reasons it sucks). They will still keep making them ofcourse, it is one of hollywood's biggest comedy cash cows. Except for the last one. BRING BACK THE WAYANS!!!

Shrek Franchise

Should Have Ended with the Second

At last a movie that i grew up with in my childhood, i sincerly adore the first 2 movies. It had a magical move into comedy, demonstrating the values of frienship, the work of marriage, and great plotlines/jokes. The other 2 well not so much. We need to learn as human beings where enough is enough. The franchise in my opinion should have ended with the second one, if you struck gold twice, then you must work just as hard if not harder, to make every single sequel better than the last. Thust they must've run out of ideas for the last 2 and made mediocre sequels. Dont know if i would watch another one, maybe a reboot would do more justice to the franchise, although is hard to imagine anyone other than doing the voice of Shrek and Donkey and many others.

The Mummy Franchise

Again should have ended with the second

Dont care what rotten tomato says, (fuck those guys), the first 2 Mummies were amazing. Action packed, filled with rich history, phenomenal casting, and a cool ride to the supernatual side of Egyptions. Another franchise i group up with, in my opinion, this Brendan Fraser's best movie and a great job by Rachel Weiz. The Mummies explore a side of Egypt, we've never seen on screen by that time, and best one yet to do so. Wish the third installment to the series were great, but very far from that. They changed Rachel Weiz, which was horrible, poor action scenes, poor lines, and some bad casting. The movie still did well money wise thanks to its fanbase. Again would love a reboot for this one,if its done right offcourse.

Die Hard Franchise

Cant teach An Old Dog Too many Tricks

One of the greatest action franchises in history "( you dont go to that list Lethal Weapon)". The movie that made Bruce Willis and action icon, an introduce one of the greatest catch frases of all time, (YIppee ky yay, u know the rest). Each and every sequel brought something new to the table, exploding buildings, planes falling down, hackers, you name it. Its much more than an action movie, many times it was also about survival in harsh situations, and was also good on some comedy. The last movie of the franchise didnt exactly pan out great. The lines were terrible, the plot wasnt neccesarly great, not much action, there were scenes that they would survive and was an obvious bullshit. I get that action films are the most unrealistic in terms of gun fights, fist fights, and especially when they are trying to be killed by, machine guns, numerous hench mens, and explosions. But at least the first 4 films were more believable, if not accurate. But A Good Day to die hard made the protogonists seem like if they were terminators or something, Bad acting by Jay courtney "(which who i hate in most films)". Also Bruce Willis is too old for the part, i know that it would be almost to imagine anyone else taking his role as John Mclayne, much like anyone else taking the role of Rambo besides Sylvester Stallone. But i think were ready for a change, a clean slate with a different story and with a brand new cast, not a prequel!

The Expendables Franchise

Same Old Shit

Dont get me wrong i love this franchise, it has almost all my favorite action stars in one movie (almost). This movie is like the MCU where all the superheroes, gather togteher to fight one common enemy, dust they become the Avengers. Get a bunch of actions legends in one screen, you get the Expendables. Part 1 and 2 gave a lot of different stunts, actions scenes, different story, with more action actors, funny scenes and lines. What the third one failed dramaticly in, was that it was the same old shit as part 2, one big bad guy, hunreds of henchmen that easily get blowned away, and stallone fighting the big boss at the last scene again and a knife competition. It was a copy paste of the second part, nothing new just the same old crap. It failed to bring more action legends, like Nicholas Cage, Jackie Chan, Dwayne Johnson, Liam Neeson and no Chuck Norris. Instead they put new young pusie actors that dont know the meaning of good action, (except for Rhonda, she was awesome). They should just make an Expendabelles, that would be awesome, "so do it LIONSGATE!" "JUST DO IT!"

Alien Franchise

Enough is Enough

Alien 3 and Resurrection was the worst thing that ever happened to the franchise. First it was a survival alien horror movie, which was great, then it was action packed alien vs. humans, then it went straigt back to the first one, doing the same old shit, Rippley is impregnated with a Queen Alien and dives into lava, i say it again, "DIVES INTO LAVA!", and then magicly appears safe and completely unharmed, now half alien and human, because were Hollywood we say "Fuck Logic". The franchise just turned plain dumb, the Xenomorphs became more of a joke, and they kill Newt,after killing a Queen Alien for her, thats great. Now with the prequel out "Prometheus" (which is supposed to explain how the Xenomorphs came to be), but instead they continue to rob the fan's money, and now the soon to be Aliens: The Covenant. "Gee Ridley Scott thank you for making us the fans proud, im sure you'll do a great job." :P

Terminator Franchise

Bring James Cameron Back!

For such a beloved series, ever since the third installment of the franchise, it has been nothing but pile junk yard parts. The First 2 were such a master piece, a killer robot that afterwards becomes a father figure and a friend for little John Connor, bad ass characters, like Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. This is a movie that should have ended with the second part, beacuse logicly, Judgement day was stopped there. "But again were Hollywood and because Money beats logic." Genisys is the worst of them all, yes even worse than salvation. Really bad casting, an action movie thats actually boring and very predictable, we have basicly porn star as sarah connor, from one of the biggest bobbie atractions in show biz (Game Of Thrones). And again thank you again Jay Corny, i mean Courtney. The studio is no longer doing any of justice to the franchise what so ever, and have turned it into a cash cow. Hey Skyfall wanna listen to a fan "BRING BACK JAMES CAMERON!"

The Fast and Furious Franchise

From Cars to an Extreme Number of Unrealistic Bullshit

The Biggest cash cow of today. A lot of fans might trash me for this, well... for the most part of this post :P. Look i get Paul Walker dies and everyone wants to see even a shadow of him in his last movie. May he rest in peace and a lot of respect to his family. But this is about movies, and even Furious 7 is the most succesful of the series (money wise), doesnt make it a great movie. In fact lets be honest, frachise has had its up and downs, specificly part 1 up, part 2,3,4 down, part 5 was in my opinion the best in the franchise, the last 2 were filled with so many bullshit scenes, like Vindiesel's famous superman stunt...

The endless plane track....

The Iron man car that goes building to building

again i know how unrealistic an action movie can be, but comon! This is the modern age, you cant just blow up a guy in flames, and make him survive with no scratch on him. The franchise has also become cheesy, and very predictable and it stopped being about the cars, the racing and basicly everything that made the movie fun and awesome.


Which Movie Franchises have been ruined for you?


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