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So we all know the hunchback of Notre dame which is the tale of a deformed guy who's been kept in the bell tower of Notre dame since he was a baby, well Frollo did kill his mother so he kinda owed him one.

Then we meet some more loveable characters as Captain Pheobus and Esmerellda who have an awkward love rectangle with Quasimodo, Frollo and Pheobus all being in love with Esmerellda, pretty obvious she'd pick the hot captain over the old guy and the deformed one.

But remember when Esmerellda was tied up and was about to be set on fire unless she chose Frollo....

Well what if she chose Frollo over the fires of hell?

Yes he's an old creepy murderer but we all have our flaws...

After all he's a public official, and seeing as she's an outspoken gypsy she could make him help so many people.

She may have given herself to him to save the lives of Quasimodo, Pheobus and the whole of Paris.

Although she'd probably try to run away and her punishment would most likely be to spend time in the tower of justice where she's beaten, tortured and possibly raped.

But after some years and seeing Frollo getting a bit older and more frail, she could end up loving him, helping him through the struggles of getting old, caring for him and seeing his weakness.

She might consent to being with him intimately, and his love for her would grow even stronger.

But now as he's older and running low on time remaining for life, he grows weaker and feels shame and remorse for his sins and destruction of so many lives. He'll tell Esmerellda that she's free to leave him and take his place as a public official so that she can free the gypsies and live a happy life. But seeing Frollos true strength within his bad choices makes her stay till the end.

As Frollos weeks are numbered and he grows weaker by the day, Esmerellda finds out that she's pregnant, although she's shocked but also excited, she'll run to Frollos bedside and tells him that she's carrying his child. He'll find his strength for a smile and lean over to Esmerellda, he kisses her, still smiling, and tells her that he's sorry for everything that he's done, to raise their child knowing what a monster it's father was but to explain that when he fell in love with Esmerellda he changed.

Esmerellda starts to cry and says that she forgives Frollo.

Frollo, still smiling, with some tears in his eyes, closes his eyes and finally finds his inner peace where he's passing away, not as a monster but as a man.


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