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Since the release of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, we've all had very big important questions (at least as important as a Star Wars question can be). One is: "Who are Rey's parents?" I'm firmly in the Han and Leia camp on that one so no need to re-hash a very old theory. The other big question is: "Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?" Now, I have a wild theory. I thought it was wild and insane and my family told me as much when I shared it with them, but today, I got a little shimmer of hope.

Today, LucasFilm unveiled the Star Wars Rebels Season 2B trailer. You may have already seen it. If you have, you no doubt saw what I saw and maybe came to a similar realization. If you haven't seen it then check it out:

Now you're probably thinking, "I see what your talking about, but what does any of this have to do with Snoke?" Let me share my admittedly crazy theory through two criteria and proof from the video and then you can all feel free to tell me how insane I am in the comments.

Okay, here goes:

My theory is that Supreme Leader Snoke is Ezra Bridger from 'Rebels'

"That's crazy!" you say? Let me explain, after I lay down the criteria:

1: The character that becomes Snoke needs to be knowledgeable in the Force, a Dark Side character, and very persuasive. He taught Kylo Ren the dark ways of the force and persuaded him to turn on his family.

2: Yoda tells Luke in the original trilogy that he is the last Jedi. In Rebels we are re-introduced/introduced to three Jedi characters: Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan. In Season 1, Ezra and his master Kanan speak with Yoda in a Jedi temple on Lothal which implies that: Yoda knew they existed which implies they die or turn away from the Jedi before Yoda explains this to Luke. In other words, Ahsoka is safe as long as Yoda doesn't come into contact with her, and Kanan and Ezra can not stay Jedi/alive forever.

How does the theory measure up?

1: Ezra has been trained in the Force. No one can dispute that. What about the darkness? In the trailer a mysterious character tells Kanan that the Dark Side is calling to Ezra. We can see evidence in his battle where he summoned the huge dark beast to attack the original inquisitor in season one as well as during his recent encounter with the two knew inquisitors. He's obviously feeling a pull towards the dark. Well, how is he persuasive? Ezra's been learning a lot of force mind tricks like controlling animals and affecting the emotions of the force sensitive baby most recently. Is it to much speculation to say he could learn to use the force to draw people over to his side?

2: If Ezra was to turn dark, wouldn't Yoda no longer consider him a Jedi? This would mean that only one character really has to die before the events of the originals: Kanan. Sorry Freddie Prince Jr. It's just the way it is.

That's what my theory was solely based on until I saw this:

Yes that's a CROSS GUARD SABER!!!
Yes that's a CROSS GUARD SABER!!!

Who's apprentice uses the only other crossguard saber in the universe? Snoke. When Kylo goes to build his saber, who else but his dark master can teach him how?

If all of that isn't enough, let's think through the logistics of Rebels. Disney is moving Star Wars ahead. They've barely messed with the prequels at all. Why did they choose this time as the basis for their new Star Wars show? Why not take the time to show kids who Luke, Leia, and Han are before they see The Force Awakens? They could have just as easily shown us their adventures in-between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. What significance do the Rebels characters have? The Clone Wars was about main Star Wars characters. Rebels isn't. Why? Could it be this whole time, Rebels was building up the tragic fall to the Dark Side of Ezra Bridger, the future Supreme Leader of the First Order?

Speaking of Ezra and the First Order, you're probably asking, "Why would Ezra start the First Order? He hates the Empire." Snoke hates the Republic. His right hand man, Hux, gives a very Nazi-esque speech about how the Republic is oppressive and evil. In other words the First Order hate the Republic. Hate leads to the Dark Side. What if Ezra's hatred of the Empire leads him to want to reform the galaxy in a way that's fair in his eyes. Wouldn't it be a huge twist if in trying to destroy what he hated he created another terrible, controlling, manipulative regime?

I know this theory is out there. Aren't they all kind of out there? In all likely-hood Snoke is a brand new character. But for the sake of crazy, fun, out-there Star Wars speculation, tell me your thoughts.


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