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If you're a fan of horror film and Guillermo Del Toro, himself then you better head onto the nearest the bookstore and get yourself a copy of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Why head over to the nearest bookstore, you ask? These scary short stories are being brought to life by none other than Del Toro, himself, who is also a fan of the series.

The famed director of Crimson Peak, Pan's Labyrinth, and The Devil's Backbone recently posted the news on his Twitter along with a photo of him standing next to some of the original pieces of Stephen's Gammell's terrifying artwork.

Gammel's terrifying artwork will also be featured in the film . In an interview with John August, a well-known screenwriter for Tim Burton's film such as Big Fish, Corpse Bride, and Dark Shadows, the imagery seen in the books will being a role within the film and Del Toro couldn't have agreed more to August's statement.

“I think the movie will be quite scary,” August said. “Without spoiling things I will say that the illustrations are an incredibly crucial part of the book and they are an incredibly crucial part of the movie. The difference between those original illustrations and the second set of illustrations are an important aspect of the movie experience.”

If anyone isn't familiar with these stories, I advise you to maybe read these during daylight. These stories are not the faint of heart unless you can handle the suspense and thrills that Schwartz takes you through. I have been anticipating this film since the news broke about an adaptation. In my opinion, if these stories can give me nightmares as a child, I can almost guarantee that the film will give me those same nightmares.

I've longed to start read Schwartz's stories again, just to bring back childhood memories of me and my friends, sitting around the library and reading the stories as if we were around the campfire. With Del Toro directing this adaptation, I can almost tell it is going to scare the living day lights out of me; maybe the fear will be how Del Toro can bring these characters to life or just seeing and hearing the short stories on the big screen rather than pages on a book. So when this film is done, I will be one those facing my childhood nightmares on the big screen.


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