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Through the years, audiences have been hungry for a horror series that brought back the anthology-style feel that we had come to love with shows such as Night Gallery, Tales from the Dark Side, and Tales from the Crypt. Like hungry zombies looking for brains we hunted to fulfill this craving for true horrific expression: uncut, uncensored, bloody good fun.

Domestic Affairs Episode 5
Domestic Affairs Episode 5

The horror connoisseur knows that the only true way to satisfy this craving would be to find a series that satisfied all of the above like a three course meal. Well look no further than your own computer, mobile device, or game system. A new episodic series of horrific goodness was released by Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television this past October in their newest series Tales of Horror.

Jessica Felice as Lilith Death
Jessica Felice as Lilith Death

Hosted by the very alluring Jessica Felice as Lilith Death, we are transported to her library of Terror as she reads from the 'Book of Nightmares' leading into one terrifying story after another. Season 1 is well underway and heading into their seventh episode of this thirteen episode season.

The series allows for directors to have their work included uncut and uncensored, as they originally intended. A dream come true to any horror fan, not to mention a fun way to spend your Saturdays. If you haven't seen the series don't feel left in the dark. Each episode is available by itself or as a series rental or purchase on Vimeo on Demand.

A Shadow Falls from Episode 6
A Shadow Falls from Episode 6

With contributing directors such as Tom Holland (Fright Night, Childs Play) and actors such as Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) you can't go wrong adding this series to your collection of shows to watch. Tales of Horror offers it all to its fans, with new cutting edge directors and seasoned favorites from around the globe.

Here is what fans are saying about this new innovative series:

"Tales of Horror' has Filled a Niche that I Didn't Know I Was Yearning For !!!" - Tim O'Donnell
"It brings me back to the days of Night Gallery, and Tales from the Crypt" - Liane Langfrod
"Loved this... Jessica makes Lilith Death come to life as the hostess willing to both thrill and kill. The stories are a treat and can't wait for more. I'm Geo Brawn and I approve this horror viewing pleasure." - Geo Brawn

See what everyone is screaming about Check it out here.

Another unique aspect of this series is their contest. Each episode has a watch and win contest which include prizes from free episodes, a meet and greet with the hostess and even special guest spots.

So my friends go check this new series out and fill the void for great horror and become a part of this new movement.


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