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Fox, the station known for producing few of the longer running drama series out of the prime five stations, had hit the mother load in 2001 when they developed and aired the show 24. Both critics and audiences alike found the show to be an intense thrill with a smart structure and good cliffhangers, and tuned in for all eight seasons and the TV movie to see how hero Jack Bauer would handle the next terrorist threat.

After four years of fans wanting to see more Bauer, Fox granted their wish with the limited run miniseries, Live Another Day, which saw wide success in both its reviews and its ratings, prompting Fox to consider bringing more CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit) work to the screen.

Rumors started to spread after, however, that they may have been looking to do more 24 without Kiefer Sutherland's no-holds barred action hero, throwing many fans into an uproar. Then rumors started spreading that they may have Bauer be a recurring role on the show, similar to Bradley Cooper in the TV sequel to Limitless, and that there would be a new anti-hero character fighting terrorists.

Well, Fox has put all these rumors to sleep and has given us a pretty straightforward answer: They are bringing a new anti-hero, and there will be very little room for Sutherland to make an appearance.

I know, Kiefer. I feel you.
I know, Kiefer. I feel you.

According to Dana Walden, co-chairman and CEO of Fox, "There's a time jump, a new organization, a completely different story...There are nods in the pilot to prior CTU agents, but no ongoing characters."

TV Line reports that the new hero of the show will be an African-American, that the new series will only span 12 episodes, unlike the original show's 24, but similar to Live Another Day's amount, and that the new series will be titled 24: Legacy.

As a major fan of the original series, I'm a little disappointed to hear that there's not much room for Kiefer to return as TV's biggest bad-ass in history, but to hear that there will be more of the 24-structured stories is interesting.

Plus, I have the consolation that Sutherland is starring in his own show on ABC, Designated Survivor, in which he plays the President of the United States (the script has been flipped).


Do you think a 24 show without Bauer is a good idea?


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